Dunlop’s shower waterproofing kit

Dunlop’s shower waterproofing kit

Dunlop‘s shower waterproofing kit has been specially designed to include everything required to allow the tradesperson to waterproof a shower area, wet room or walk in shower area.

Suitable for any internal intermittent area where continued exposure to water may cause damage, the kit fully waterproofs the background behind a tiled surface to prevent water penetration up to 1.5 metres high in a two-walled shower unit or 1metre high in a three-walled shower unit.

As a result, the kit prevents water saturating the whole area, reducing the risk of unsightly black mould forming, and drastically reducing the risk of more serious issues such as floor collapse and other surfaces vulnerable to corrosion.

Dunlop’s kit provides an ideal waterproofing system for showers, wetrooms, kitchens and utility rooms to prevent damaging leaks.

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