District heating HIU from Warmafloor

District heating HIU from Warmafloor

Warmafloor has launched Calefa, its first ever heating interface unit (HIU) for the district heating market.

District heating involves a centralised boiler or heat pump that services multiple dwellings within a development – most commonly high-rise apartment blocks and care homes – with water distributed through an HIU within each home.

Featuring a four-option control bypass, Calefa is the most efficient unit available on the market, as confirmed by independent BESA testing. The system’s ‘keep warm’ function can be set to 24/7, off, schedule mode – where the user sets certain times for it to come on – or auto mode.

When switched to auto mode, the smart system monitors and learns usage patterns in the home, gaining accurate insights after just two weeks. This ensures that hot water will always be quickly available at key usage times, while reducing overall energy consumption.

Having been engineered in collaboration with parent company Wavin, the unit can also be linked to Warmafloor’s underfloor heating control system, Sentio, allowing for app-based domestic hot water control.

Jonathan Moran, business development manager at Warmafloor, said: “After 2025, new developments in the UK will either need to use electric or district heating, and because not all grids will be able to cope with such a spike in electricity output, the market for district heating is set to rocket. It is already huge in other parts of Europe and we expect that to be replicated over here in the not-so-distant future – which is why we’ve introduced Calefa.

“Offering a wide range of benefits, including low-temperature heating, domestic hot water priority and app control – not to mention the game-changing auto mode – the system truly sets new standards in terms of responsiveness, efficiency and ease of use. What’s more, as it’s made using the highest-quality components from Wavin, optimum performance and durability are guaranteed.”


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