Dickies Presents ‘Considered Essentials’

Dickies Presents ‘Considered Essentials’

Global workwear brand Dickies is announcing details of the upcoming Considered Essentials collection launch today, aimed at workers who demand garments that work as hard as they do.

Considered the leading brand within innovative and trusted workwear globally, Dickies has supplied workers with tough, quality clothing for almost 100 years, a milestone that will be celebrated in 2022. In that time, Dickies has evolved to encompass a full range of performance wear as well as a workwear-inspired range.

Product highlights include the Everyday Coverall, Action Flex Trousers, Okemo Sweatshirt and Stowe Hoodie. All products within the collection provide comfort and technical details, pieces like the Acting Flex trousers offer knee pad pockets, mechanical stretch for movement and pocket with zip opening for optimal accessibility and safety.

Dickies’ workwear garments are updated to offer more support and lasting comfort, while staying true to the core garments and their history. The collection is designed for the worker and with the workers lifestyle in mind.

Find out more about Dickies and the Considered Essentials collection at https://www.dickieslife.com/uk_en/shop-by/work/work-considered-essentials


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