Decorators’ caulk from HB42

Decorators’ caulk from HB42

The HB42 Ultimate Pro-Finish Decorators’ Caulk is long lasting, movement-resistant and can be overpainted in just one hour – a real time saver on site.

The white, solvent-free, acrylic caulk is flexible up to 12.5 per cent and can be used in joints up to 25mm wide and 20mm deep, which is said to mean filling deeper and wider than most other caulks on the market.

It is designed for a professional grade finish and is easy to apply, forming a hard-wearing, flexible seal which contains a fungicide to help prevent mould.

The product can be used both inside and out for sealing around plasterboard joints, cornices and architraves, window frames and PVC cladding. It can also be used as an adhesive for polystyrene and for sealing cracks in plaster, brick and stone, concrete, skirting boards and walls.

Easy to use and long lasting, the 380ml HB42 Ultimate Pro-Finish Decorators Caulk gives a quality professional finish with impressive flexibility.


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