CoBolt S with recess from Knipex

CoBolt S with recess from Knipex

Professional Builder is taking a closer look at the new products that Knipex has launched this month. Here, we’re looking at the CoBolt S with recess.

The CoBolt S is a compact bolt cutter that makes cutting round materials even easier. It has a 25-fold amplification of manual force and is now available with a recess on the cutting edge, so the popular compact bolt cutter can cut through round materials even more effectively.

This new version of the smallest member of the CoBolt family is 160 mm and has a recess in the durable, 64 HRC cutting edge. Bolts, rivets and nails with a diameter up to 4.4 mm and particularly tough materials such as piano wire and spring steel with a diameter up to 3.3 mm can now be cut in a single movement thanks to the recess located close to the joint. The enhanced leverage effect close to the pivot point makes cutting larger cross-sections easier.

The CoBolt S without a recess is used for frequent cutting of thinner wires. All variants share the same lasered cutting edge, which keeps material from slipping. In addition, the small, slim pliers head ensures good accessibility even in tight spaces. The serrated gripping surface below the joint can also be used for pulling wires of at least 1 mm in diameter, for example when building fences or removing nails from walls or wood – which means no need for a second tool.

The compact bolt cutter is forged from chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel and is multistage oil-hardened. For its high cutting force, the CoBolt S has a slim design and a low handle width. Its length of 160 mm makes it suitable for smaller hands, and its weight of just 200 g makes it easier to use for prolonged periods. You can also store the tool anywhere – even in your jacket or trouser pockets. Its small, slim head also provides good accessibility even in tight spaces.


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