Aerodek from BMI

Aerodek from BMI

BMI has introduced AeroDek, a roofing solution said to be faster, safer, stronger and lighter than traditional roof coverings.

Made from a recyclable, galvanised steel core protected by a resilient, multi-layer stone-coated finish; the interlocking tiles are quick to install, lightweight and resistant to damage by vandalism or extreme weather. These properties make AeroDek particularly suited to buildings that demand a robust and secure roof solution; and projects that subject to extreme weather conditions in coastal or aggressive climate environments.

Being durable, lightweight, low maintenance, fast to fix and with a 40-year guarantee, AeroDek is also highly suitable for flat-to-pitch conversions down to 10o, especially in the social and rented housing sectors.

AeroDek’s robustness, performance and security in the face of vandalism is demonstrated by its unique accreditation under the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Secured by Design crime prevention initiative; as well as by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. The fully dry fixed roofing system ensures not only maximum storm resistance, but also compliance with the installation requirements of requirements of BS 5534: 2014 +A2: 2018 Code of practice for Slating and Tiling.

BBA certified, the three tiles in the AeroDek range – Robust Plus, Traditional Plus and Traditional Plus 0.9mm – typically weigh a seventh of traditional alternatives and represent a huge materials saving, with an average 65m2 roof requiring over 70% fewer tiles than the traditional equivalents; AeroDek is available in a choice of dimensions, colours, popular profiles and steel grade, depending on tile.

AeroDek Tradition Plus tiles have the appearance of traditional concrete or clay, yet at a fraction of the weight. The tiles represent a lightweight, easy to install and durable alternative to traditional roof tiles. Quick and easy to install on all roof types and on pitches down to 10°, AeroDek Tradition Plus is a low maintenance solution providing a lower whole life cycle than other pitched roof coverings.

With a tile dimension of 1324 x 410mm, and as with Tradition Plus 0.9mm, only 2.15 tiles are required per square metre – at a weight of only 6.56kg/m2. This compares to 60 tiles per square metre and a weight of up to 75kg/m2 in concrete plain tiles.

Further enhancing an already strong design, AeroDek Tradition Plus 0.9 is the most robust tile of its kind, delivering the highest degree of protection in the face of accidental damage, intruders or attack; with a tile steel thickness of 0.9mm compared to the standard offering of 0.43mm.

This makes it ideal for pavilions, health clinics, community centres and vulnerable, unattended buildings – particularly those which are single-storey – and where a low maintenance, low lifetime cost solution is required. Tile size is 1324mm x 410mm and has a coverage rate of 2.15 tiles per square metre.

AeroDek Robust Plus, as its name suggests, also delivers superior tile strength and can be installed on roofs with pitches as low as 12o. Designed to provide an economic and attractive finish for all types of roof down to 12o, AeroDek Robust Plus is especially suitable for those wanting to achieve a more contemporary appearance with their roof covering. Slightly smaller than the other tiles in the range, Robust Plus tiles are 1300 x 360mm in size, and have a coverage rate of 2.54 tiles per square metre.

All AeroDek tiles have a stone granular finish that is ceramically colour glazed giving the tiles exceptional colour stability. Tradition Plus comes in six finishes – terracotta, black, teak, brindle, anthracite and sea green; while Tradition Plus 0.9 is available in anthracite and terracotta. Robust Plus is offered in three finishes: anthracite, pepperstone and teak.

A full range of accessories and system components has been developed to ensure compatibility with all tiles and ensure the total integrity of the AeroDek roof system. The use of these components also ensures compliance with design and installation requirements necessary to achieve a system guarantee of 40 years.

Finally, AeroDek represents one of the most sustainable roof coverings available. Its core material is entirely recyclable, furthermore, its lightweight and large format  dimensions reduce the number of deliveries and associated carbon emissions. Its weight and quick and convenient fix system also promotes better health and safety on site in terms of materials handling, noise and zero dust.



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