Applications for CaberBoard

Applications for CaberBoard

Here is a look at some of the CaberBoard applications.

Soft and resilient floor coverings

The Codes of Practice – BS 8203, WPIF floating flooring installation code of practice and BS 5325 recommends that for all overlays the subfloor must be clean, rigid and flat. When thin or shiny floor surface materials are laid for example over CaberBoard these materials may allow board joints to show through, particularly after trafficking. Prior to laying such materials, the   joints should be checked for level. It is permissible to sand off any raised areas not exceeding 1mm. For raised areas greater than 1mm, additional levelling materials are required. Thin, plain coloured carpets or vinyls or those with a high sheen – tend to show small irregularities to a greater degree. For thin vinyls and tiling, it is recommended that a plywood overlay (4mm) is fixed in position, staggering joints so as not to coincide with board joints. The plywood should be fixed every 100mm using appropriate nails or screws around perimeter and 150mm apart elsewhere, ensuring they do not protrude above the surface. Adhesive manufacturer advice should be followed for priming of new surfaces. Usually, this involves a coat of diluted PVA emulsion. 

Ceramic tiling

Guidance as to construction of bases in respect to considerations and timber bases is given in BS 5385-3:2007. Tiling onto CaberBoard flooring should be undertaken only in joisted / fixed floor constructions. Noggins should be used between the joists at 300mm centres and the surface provided for tiling should be 15mm exterior grade plywood screwed to joists and noggins at 300mm centres. Existing boards can therefore be overlaid with 15mm exterior grade plywood to provide the necessary rigidity for a tiled surface. Length of fixings should be 2.5 times overall board thickness. A tile adhesive is the recommended bond material – cement/sand mortars are not recommended.

Underfloor heating

CaberBoard flooring is suitable for use when installing hydronic underfloor heating systems.

Acoustic performance

CaberBoard flooring can be used effectively on acoustic battened floor systems.  These systems are often used in flatted developments to achieve ‘Part E’ requirements of UK Building Regulations.

T&G panel fixing methods*

Dependent on whether gluing or mechanical fixing to joists, the following advice should be noted:


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