Building boards, plasters and adhesive products – June 2021

Building boards, plasters and adhesive products – June 2021


There’s twenty new designs in Wilsonart’s Zenith compact laminate surfaces range, which look and feel like stone, and are equipped with unique life-long anti-bacterial protection. For expert installation guidance from the team that developed the product, trade customers are encouraged to sign up to the manufacturer’s Installer Network training sessions. Use the rdr link below to find out more.

SHOWER PANEL- Coming soon!

With the Elite collection, Mermaid is expanding its most technologically advanced shower panel solution with 40 new colours. An alternative to tiling, there’s a range of marble, wood and stone-inspired panels that can be used in various applications throughout the bathroom space. The portfolio also features patented technology which, thanks to a waterproof core, allows homeowners to achieve seamless designs that require no trims.


In site hoarding applications builders should be specifying easy to use, consistent and good value Norbord SterlingOSB Zero, according to its manufacturers. This versatile board can be used in load-bearing dry or humid conditions. Naturally strong and hard-wearing, it is tougher than most softwood plywood and has no knots, voids or delaminating problems.


Hard foam insulation products, such as Eurowall Cavity from Recticel, or the full-fill version, Eurowall +, offer an easy-to-fit solution to heat loss caused by thermal bridging in cavity walls. The panels match the height of a wall’s blockwork, thus eliminating the need for on-site cutting and resizing. In addition, a tongue and groove detail on all four sides means the units slot together easily, producing a tight-locking finish.


An eco-friendly Polyiso board has been added to the growing portfolio of Permaroof building products. The 12.7mm thick Firestone ISOGARD HD has been designed for use as a cover board. Manufactured with a 100 per cent fibreglass, mould, and moisture-resistant facer, it adds structural strength to a roofing system and helps to absorb the effects of hail, foot traffic and other potentially damaging impacts. It is also easy to cut and handle for quick installation around roofing details such as drains or other penetrations.

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Following a surge in plasterboard recycling at its specialist plants, Etex expects to achieve post-consumer gypsum content of over 20 per cent in plasterboard supplied this year, rising to 30 per cent by 2025. This is a significantly higher percentage of recycled material compared to the UK sector average of 10.4 per cent. In 2020, 131,194 tonnes of gypsum recovered from construction were recycled into new products for the company’s Siniat brand.

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