Advertisement Feature: Bring it on with Thompson’s!

Advertisement Feature: Bring it on with Thompson’s!

For over 40 years, Thompson’s has been proud leaders when it comes to waterproofing and roofing products. Our no-nonsense approach ensures we can offer products that you can trust, to deliver quality results every time.

Why Thompson’s?

We rigorously test all our products in real life and simulated environments to meet the highest standards. With Thompson’s you have the peace of mind that the range delivers the highest performance needed to withstand the toughest environments, so you can confidently say ‘bring it on’ to any task.

When it comes to waterproofing patios, paved driveways and masonry, Thompson’s leads the way as the first manufacturer to introduce water-based solutions. As performance leaders in water-based technology, our products offer greater water resistance and are long lasting. Superior to solvent-based alternatives, they are quicker to apply, faster drying and easier to clean up.

Paving the way

If you’re laying a new patio or paving, sealing the surface on completion will help retain the colour of the slabs or stones for longer and most importantly, it can stop any moisture ingress from damaging the paving slab or stone, both in terms of appearance and structure.

When it comes to your next job, Thompson’s One Coat Patio & Block Paving Seal is ideal. Suitable for granite, limestone, sandstone, flag stones or block paving, it provides long-term protection against the weather. The water-based formulation resists algae growth, oil and fuel stains. It’s touch dry in just one hour and can be driven on after 24 hours, keeping time on site and disruption to a minimum.

If you’re refreshing an existing patio or driveway, prep first with Thompson’s Advanced Patio and Block Paving Cleaner. It removes dirt and grime, kills mould and algae and also protects against re-growth.

Driving up standards

If you’re looking to revive a customer’s tired looking driveway as part of a landscaping project or extension, Thompson’s Oil & Drive Cleaner and Quick Drying Drive Seal is the perfect combination. You can rely on Thompson’s powerful formulations to cut through stubborn stains and improve that all important kerb appeal.

Suitable for concrete, tarmac and stone driveways or garage floors, Thompson’s Oil & Drive Cleaner can be used neat to remove oil, grease, petrol and diesel stains, or diluted to use as a general driveway and path cleaner.

To treat tarmac that’s in a state of good repair, Thompson’s Quick Drying Drive Seal can be applied using a long pile roller. Black in colour, it brings driveways back to life and protects from oil stains. Once applied, it can be driven over in just four hours and is slip resistant.


Protecting brickwork from the effects of rain offers a number of benefits from avoiding efflorescence to preventing structural damage.

Efflorescence is common on new brickwork, a white powder effect that is caused by salts in the bricks reacting with the rainwater. Although only cosmetic the effect is unsightly, ruining the overall finish of your job and risking callbacks.

Structural damage can also occur to brickwork and render, particularly in regions susceptible to ‘wind driven rain’. Spalling can occur when water soaks into the brickwork and then freezes in the colder months. As ice has a 9% larger volume than water, this causes ‘hydro fracturing’, which can end up with the face of the brick breaking away. Once past a depth of ¾” this can affect the stability of the wall.

However, you can offer additional protection for brick, stone or concrete with Thompson’s One Coat Water Seal. Due to its unique micro silicone emulsion, it stops water penetration by ensuring excellent water beading, so any water easily rolls off the substrate.

Thompson’s One Coat Water Seal can be applied directly to the substrate, for long-lasting waterproofing and protection against freeze thaw within hours.

Leak Proof

If winter has taken its toll on a customer’s felt, asphalt, slate or tile roof, Thompson’s 10 Year Roof Seal is ideal for achieving a long-lasting waterproof repair.

It benefits from a unique combination of acrylic polymers, fillers and pigment in an aqueous solution. Thompson’s 10 Year Roof Seal offers a number of advantages over traditional bitumen coatings. It can be applied directly onto damp surfaces and because it’s water-based it boasts faster drying and re-coat times and is low odour. It also remains flexible at much lower temperatures, flexing with the natural movement of the roof and resisting UV rays, so the colour won’t fade.

And if rain strikes and you’re called upon for an emergency repair, Thompson’s also has a range of products aimed at getting the job done fast, even in heavy rain.

Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal is a high-performance elastomeric coating for small repairs on all roofing types including felt, asphalt, slate and tiles. It’s effective immediately and should be surface dry within 24 hours.

For a temporary fix of deeper cracks, Thompson’s Emergency Roof Repair Mastic is a bituminous, mastic-based compound with high-solids content and specially selected ingredients that repel water. It fills and bridges gaps and leaves a watertight repair, even in heavy rain.

Whilst leaking gutters and downpipes can be quickly repaired using Thompson’s Emergency Instant Repair Aerosol, which is ideal for getting to those hard-to reach areas.

Whatever the UK weather throws at us, Thompson’s has the products you can trust to deliver quality results, every time.

The Weather. BRING IT ON!

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