SoloFix Roof Clipping System

SoloFix Roof Clipping System

SoloFix is the innovative one piece clip and nail from Marley Eternit


Camilleri Roofing has saved up to 30% on roof clipping time by using SoloFix, a one piece clip and nail developed by Marley Eternit to help contractors implement the more stringent fixing requirements under the new BS 5534 standard.


The revised BS 5534, the Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling, came into force earlier in the year and requires all single lap tiles to have a mechanical fix, with a significant increase in the requirement for clipping.


Welsh roofing contractor Camilleri was one of the first to trial SoloFix and now uses it across many of its roofing projects. Director Mathew Camilleri comments: “We’ve always adopted a belt and braces approach to fixing roof tiles, that goes beyond the British Standard, because we are aware of the increasingly unpredictable nature of the weather and the pressure this can put on roofs.  We trialled the SoloFix product and found that it saved a significant amount of fixing time and was far quicker to install than traditional two piece clip and nails.  This adds up to a big saving in labour time when you carry out the amount of clipping work we do.”


SoloFix in action rsTraditionally, clips and nails come in separate bags and need threading together prior to installation, which can add a significant amount of labour time.  SoloFix is a one piece clip and nail, comparable in price to standard aluminium clips, which can save as much as 30% on roof clipping time.


Mathew Camilleri continues: “We carry SoloFix as a stock item and it is so much easier to use the same clip type across all of the projects which use Marley Eternit interlocking tiles.  Now, the roofers don’t ever want to go back to using the fiddly separate clips and nails!”



Gavin White, product manager at Marley Eternit, adds: “We know that clipping is the most time consuming of all mechanical fixing methods, so we launched SoloFix to help contractors save time and cost on roofing projects as we knew that an increased amount of clipping would be required on all roofs under the revised BS 5534.  While something as small as threading each clip and nail doesn’t sound like it can make that much difference, it is incredibly time consuming, particularly when roofers are installing thousands of tiles.



Manufactured from a unique and high grade composite called Zinc Aluminium (ZiAl), SoloFix has the strength and performance of stainless steel, making it able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions across the UK, including gale force winds and salt corrosion. This means it provides a single clip solution, eliminating the traditional requirement for contractors to use two different types, aluminium and stainless steel clips.

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