18V LXT Brushless Drywall Sander from Makita

18V LXT Brushless Drywall Sander from Makita

Makita has released a long-reach 18v LXT Brushless Drywall Sander.

The sander will afford tradespeople more freedom, helping them to sand in difficult to reach areas. It is the latest addition to Makita’s lithium-ion (LXT) range. When compared to traditional batteries, LXT batteries support anytime charge, long-time storage and are shock absorbent.

Whilst mobile, the new drywall sander is still powerful enough for use across an array of trade jobs. The 18v brushless motor can produce a load speed of between 1,000 – 1,800 rpm. Tradespeople can control speed on the machine via its variable speed control dial. Likewise, the tool features a constant speed control function to ensure the required speed is maintained under load. At only 5.7kg, this drywall sander can be used for prolonged periods without causing strain in hands or arms.

As well as reducing weight, Makita has taken further steps to ensure the machine is as user-friendly as possible. The sander’s dust brush is removable, allowing tradespeople to use the system’s easy glide roller wheels to achieve flush-to-wall edge sanding. Also, machine features a large two-finger trigger that’s easily accessible even when wearing protective hand gear.

The new tool uses a direct-drive brushless motor that sits on top of the sanding head. As well as a soft start function, the machine is fitted with an auto-start wireless (AWS) system, which connects to compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth. As a result, whenever the tool is turned on it will automatically power up the Bluetooth-connected dust extractor it has been paired with. The innovative feature makes dust management much easier on-site, helping to satisfy increasingly stringent dust standards.

To reach tall ceilings and walls, the drywall sander is fitted with a large telescopic pole. The standard pole is long enough to reach most walls, extending to 420mm. The pole can be set at various heights, allowing the user to match its length to best suit the task they’re working on. For those wanting to use the tool on ceilings, an extension handle set is available, which provides an additional 575mm to ultimately achieve an overall working reach of 2.1 metres. The extension handle is supplied with an accompanying support belt to more evenly distribute the tool’s weight around the user’s body.

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