Yale launches Smart Water Sensor

Yale launches Smart Water Sensor

Security expert Yale has launched a Water Sensor that lets homeowners know if their property is in danger of flooding, to combat the devastation left behind by leaks.

Research from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) states that the UK insurance industry pays out £2.5m every day for escape of water home insurance claims*. And, while the financial cost is significant, the loss of personal items and, potentially, entire homes is clearly one that homeowners will be keen to avoid.

As such, the introduction of this latest product, as part of Yale’s Sync Smart Home Alarm range, could save money and prevent heartache for consumers everywhere.

The design of the Water Sensor accessory is simple and effective. It features two external metal sensing contacts running a mild electrical current. When both strips get wet, through a plumbing leak, flood, or surrounding moisture condensing on the surface, the electrical circuit will complete, and the alarm will sound through the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm. At the same time, the device will send an alert to the user’s smart device to warn of the presence of water.

The detector is not a one-time use device. Each time the sensing contacts make contact with moisture and the alarm sounds, simply dry the contacts. Return the detector to its location or choose a new location as needed.

The Water Sensor is battery operated and can be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or garages for protection and peace of mind.

For more information on the Yale Sync Smart Water Sensor, please visit yalehome.co.uk/sync-smart-water-sensor/.

*ABI via Direct Line Insurance (2016)

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