Wild About Roofs Strives For Success With New Entrepreneurship Foundation

Wild About Roofs Strives For Success With New Entrepreneurship Foundation

John Ward of Wild About Roofs has been selected to take part in a new Entrepreneurship Foundation launched by global construction firm Saint-Gobain, in association with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

The Entrepreneurship Foundation will provide twelve months of free practical training to 23 small businesses in the construction industry, including Wild About Roofs. The course will include an introduction to the latest innovative building materials and techniques, as well as support and guidance on how to manage and grow a business covering essential areas like finance, marketing, customer service and health and safety.

Last week marked the official launch of the scheme, with events held at the Saint-Gobain Training Academy in Flitwick, Bedford, and the Greenworks Training Academy in Birmingham. Launch events were attended by other successful applicants as well as members of the CITB and Peter Hindle, MBE, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Habitat and General Delegate Saint-Gobain UK, Ireland & South Africa.

Business owner Daniel MacAuliffe from Wild About Roofs said:

“I am really proud that John has been selected to take part of the Saint Gobain Entrepreneurship Foundation. Only twenty-four people had been selected and we are pleased that Wild About Roofs has been one of those chosen. It’s an initiative full of benefits. The training will provide important guidance for our company to develop its business and to grow. As a fast growing small company, we are job creators and all the support to grow successfully is welcomed. We are looking for to see the training results.”

Peter Hindle MBE said:

“Fast-growing small companies are job creators, and play an important role in attracting new talent to the industry. Having met some of the entrepreneurs at the launch events, I am confident that the Entrepreneurship Foundation will create a business network that strives to succeed within the sustainable construction sector, providing employment to many more people in the coming years.”

Steve Radley, CITB’s Director of Policy and Strategic Planning, said:

“The Entrepreneurship Foundation will provide high-level training for SMEs within the construction industry, equipping them with the skills to become even more successful. With an estimated 224,000 new construction jobs to be created over the next five years, it is vital that smaller businesses have the tools to capitalise on this industry growth.”

For more information about The Entrepreneurship Foundation, go to: www.saint-gobain.co.uk/350foundation

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