The weirdest maintenance searches on Google

The weirdest maintenance searches on Google

If you’ve ever turned up to a job and they explain that they’ve done a bit of research on the internet prior to calling in the professionals, you won’t be surprised to see the results of this study into the home maintenance queries most searched on Google.

Experts at London home maintenance firm Aspect analysed Google search data from the past year to discover the issues that cause the most concern (and confusion) to UK residents. And although some might seem a little unusual, to put it mildly, these are worth bearing in mind when thinking about the content of your own website and how you might attract new potential customers.

Small homes 

The research revealed that the type of concerns people have about their home depend a lot on the kind of property they live in. People living in smaller properties tended to be concerned with ongoing maintenance issues. The most commonly entered searches for people living in flats were “my flat is so cold”, “is my flat making me ill?” and “why is my flat so dusty?”. People living in apartments searched for “my apartment smells like onions”, “why is my apartment so cold?” and “is my apartment making me sick?”.

Other popular searches

Common structural queries

 Is my roof safe to walk on?

Why are my walls wet?

Is my floor sinking?

Weirdest structural queries

Is my ceiling supposed to wobble

Why are my walls sticky?

Is my floor going to collapse?

Common electrical queries

What is a consumer unit?

Are my electrics safe?

Why are my electrics tripping?

Weirdest electrical queries

Why do my electrics smell of fish?

Is my fuse box illegal?

Why is my fuse box clicking?

Common plumbing queries

Why is my central heating ticking?

Is my boiler pressure too high?

Are my drains blocked?

Weirdest plumbing queries

Why are my taps vibrating?

Why is my bath water green?

Why are my drains gurgling?

Common bathroom queries

Why is my shower cold?

Is my shower valve upside down?

Is my toilet flange too high?

Weirdest bathroom queries

Is my shower making me ill?

Why is my toilet seat turning purple?

Why is my sink turning yellow?

Common external queries

Why is my door latch sticking?

Is my door hollow?

Why are my gutters dripping?

Weirdest external queries

Are my drains adopted?

Why are my gutters so loud?

Why is my roof green?

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