Tool Demo Zone: DART

Tool Demo Zone: DART

DART will be part of our Tool Demo Zone, which is taking place at Toolfair Coventry on 19th and 20th September.

Expert tradesmen Ian Briggs and Peter Booth will be testing out DART’s power tool accessories at 10:30am on Friday 20th, including the DART Multi-purpose drill bits and Mini Diamond Holesaws.

The Mini Diamond Porcelain Drills require no guiding, minimal coolant, and with fast and easy waste ejection, they allow for continuous multiple hole cutting.

The multi-purpose drill bits are designed for drilling through all materials including wood, masonry, aluminium, cast iron, steel, hard and soft plastic and tiles.

Find out more at the Tool Demo Zone at Toolfair in Coventry.

The Tool Demo Zone runs from 10:30am on both the 19th and 20th September at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.


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