SR Timber provides guide to guidelines

SR Timber provides guide to guidelines

While there is greater awareness for the need to ensure battens meet British Standards BS 5534, some confusion still remains over what is specifically covered by guidelines. In order to cut through the confusion, SR Timber have released a ‘Guide to Graded Roofing Battens’ booklet to provide clarity on grading, and what to look for.

The booklet focuses on the four key areas which the supply chain, including contractors, should look out for to ensure that their roofing battens follow BS 5534. These four areas are: sizing, knots, markings, and due diligence.

Speaking on the purpose of the booklet, Shaun Revill, Trading Director at SR Timber said. “Thankfully, awareness of the rise of substandard batten has really risen within the industry however there is still inferior stock within the market. However, when it comes to fully understanding and applying BS 5534, there’s still a question mark over what merchants or contractors should be looking out for.”

“I’ve grown up in this industry so it’s second nature for me. For importers or merchants, it might be harder to know what to look for. In response, we’ve set out this booklet to make identification fast and easy, no matter if you’re buying from suppliers or merchants.”

“By doing this, we hope to provide clarity on what the industry needs to look out for in roofing battens and how it compares to what BS 5534 states. This will allow the industry to make an informed decision and ensure safety and conformity going forward.”

By breaking down the standards into bitesize pieces of information, the hope is that the information we have provided helps further understanding around the grading rules set out within BS 5534. Increasing the confidence that merchants and contractors have that they are purchasing and fixing true graded roofing batten.

Available from both SR Timber’s website and in a physical copy, the booklet will bring greater clarity about what to look for when wanting to make sure that roofing battens meet the required standard set by BS 5534.

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