SNAP IT: The app for tradespeople by tradespeople

SNAP IT: The app for tradespeople by tradespeople

“SNAP-IT delivers materials to tradespeople on-demand, allowing them to complete more jobs and increase annual earnings, whilst generating incremental revenue for partnered retailers. Most importantly, the end customers have their repairs fixed there and then! Everyone benefits from the SNAP-IT ecosystem.” Viktor Muhhin, Founder, SNAP-IT

SNAP IT is the new on-demand delivery service that enables tradespeople to order spare parts and materials at the click of a button; digitizing an industry still operating on pen and paper.

From valves, to pumps and even boilers; SNAP IT’s mobile app allows the user to instantly purchase over 60,000 plumbing and heating parts from 50+ retailers including Gas World, Embassy Plumbing, Pimlico Plumbers, E15, Jacobs Plumbing and WMI.

By partnering with wholesalers and specialist independent stores; the fast-growing digital marketplace has a higher probability than any bricks and mortar retailer of successfully fulfilling an order.

SNAP IT can save tradespeople an average of 2+ billable hours per day with potential increased earnings of up to £47,000* per year!

During his 15 years as a plumber, SNAP IT Founder Viktor Muhhin (35) realised multiple challenges for tradespeople and customers. His team wasted hours every week locating or waiting for spare parts; resulting in lost revenue and ultimately longer job completion times. SNAP IT has changed that by providing an innovative tech solution.

SNAP IT helps tradespeople improve efficiency and increase productivity, resulting in a higher rate of completed jobs and increased annual earnings. An average of 2+ billable hours per day can be saved by eliminating time wasted driving to source parts, finding parking or getting stuck in the city’s heavily congested traffic and of course queuing at stores.

With deliveries made within 30 – 40 minutes, SNAP IT’s technology results in quicker repairs, improved customer service, reduced costs, and happy customers, who don’t need to wait a week for their hot water to be back in action!

SNAP IT currently operates within the M25 with plans to expand to other key cities across the UK in 2021.

Free to Download on iOS and Android

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* – based on 1 person earning £90 per hour, working 260 days per year

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