Setcrete’s ongoing delivery commitment

Setcrete’s ongoing delivery commitment

Leading manufacturer of high-performance floor preparation products, Setcrete has confirmed its standard delivery times of 2-3 days remain unaffected by issues facing some suppliers to builders’ merchants. In addition, the company’s complete range of floor levelling compounds and ancillary products are fully available from stock.

The announcement comes after a number of merchants have cited supply chain problems, including lack of haulage and scarcity of raw materials, leading to delayed deliveries of some product lines.

Commenting on the situation, Setcrete Brand Manager Peter Wilson said: “It’s well known that raw material and delivery issues are causing problems across the country, not just in our industry but across the board, including the retail sector. We are fortunate that we have longstanding haulage partnerships in place that are able to maintain our delivery schedules and we have an excellent team making sure our raw materials are delivered in good time to meet our production needs.”

The Setcrete range includes products for smoothing internal and external subfloors, High Performance levelling compounds for flexible subfloors, such as timber/plywood, and Deep Base compounds for situations where floor levels need to be raised quickly and cost effectively by up to 50mm. In addition, the company manufactures and supplies an acrylic primer for use before the application of levelling compounds and a rapid set DPM to protect flooring installations against sub-floor moisture.

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