Saving time on the invoices and paperwork: Fergus increases merchant and wholesaler integrations

Saving time on the invoices and paperwork: Fergus increases merchant and wholesaler integrations

Fergus is making life even easier for hard working professionals with its enhanced merchant and wholesaler integrations. Over 26 electrical wholesalers, building and plumbing merchants, including Plumbase, Screwfix and Travis Perkins, are now integrated on the platform, helping businesses to manage their supplier interactions, invoicing and job costing quickly, saving time and money.

“Gone are the days of rekeying invoices into accounting packages or job management software for back costing,” says James Chillman, UK Country Manager for Fergus. “Our supplier integrations allow automatic import of supplier invoices, directly matching line items to the appropriate jobs. This saves significant time as the painstaking process of manual invoice entry is eliminated, freeing up evenings and weekends that were once consumed by administrative tasks.” 

With just one click, invoices can be instantly assigned to jobs, ensuring that every material cost is accurately allocated and nothing is overlooked. This level of precision in tracking supplier documents and costs across jobs is unparalleled, offering users a comprehensive overview of their financials in one location. 

Fergus also simplifies the materials procurement process with the ability to send purchase orders directly from the platform to suppliers for pricing, pickup or delivery. This functionality saves time and streamlines the supply chain management. Trades businesses can now skip the line, secure in the knowledge that Fergus is handling their procurement needs with speed and accuracy. 

One of the most significant benefits of these integrations is the ability to invoice in minutes. With labour and material costs already allocated to jobs, Fergus users can generate customer invoices swiftly, directly from quotes or by creating a quick invoice that incorporates all material and labour costs. The system also allows for the incorporation of used stock for a job, pulling in line items with up-to-date pricing from supplier price books that are instantly imported into Fergus. Applying margins and discounts is equally straightforward, enabling businesses to manage their billing with a few simple clicks.

“Our integrations include partnerships with major industry suppliers such as Yesss Electrical, Rexel, Edmundson Electrical, CEF, Travis Perkins, Wolseley, Williams, Graham,  Plumbase, BSS, MKM, Screwfix and City Plumbing to name but a few. These collaborations ensure that Fergus users have access to a wide range of products and materials at competitive prices,” continues James.

“Our mission is to save you countless hours of administrative work so you can focus more on the important things, like family and friends while running a business – instead of the business running you.” 

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