Red Stag Materials’ pothole repair solution

Red Stag Materials’ pothole repair solution

Through its exclusive distribution rights to EZ Street Asphalt in the UK, Red Stag Materials is making a cold asphalt pothole repair solution available to the trades.

It may have taken something of a back seat of late – for obvious reasons – but the bottomless pit of pothole problems in our extensive network of highways and byways has most definitely not gone away. For its part, the Government is poised to inject millions of funds into the road maintenance sector but, on a smaller scale, the general builder now has the opportunity to play his part. It’s all thanks to the launch of a cold asphalt solution which is being made available through the builders’ merchant channel via Red Stag Materials.

Unlike hot asphalt, which is normally purchased in large quantities directly from plants, cold EZ Street Asphalt 1-tonne and 22kg bulk bags have a long shelf life, meaning that builders’ merchants can stock them and sell them directly to where they are needed. In fact, the material is already being used across the country from the north of Scotland to the south of England by councils looking for an effective solution to permanently repair public roads. Grant Shewan, Managing Director of Red Stag Materials explains: “EZ Street Asphalt is a fully HAPAS approved permanent repair cold asphalt and with the 1-tonne and 22kg bags uniquely available to the UK through a network of distributers. It could be an ideal opportunity for small contractors to offer effective repairs to private driveways and paths.”

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