PB supports #noVANber campaign against van and tool theft

PB supports #noVANber campaign against van and tool theft

This November Peter Booth, known as @PBplumber on Twitter and Instagram, has launched a campaign calling for action on van crime – and we are urging all our readers to get behind it by signing the petition and using the hashtag #NoVanBer across social media.

There have been many of these petitions in the past but, unfortunately, nothing has been done when it comes to tougher penalties or regulation on the reselling of tools. So even if you think you have already signed and shared one of these petitions, please do get behind #noVANber and help Peter, supported by TradesTalk and Breedon Cement, get 100k signatures needed in the month of November.

As PB readers will know, the theft of tools from vans has a huge impact on the trades. As well as your signature, the #NoVanBer campaign is also asking you to share the petition as widely as possible, across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Talk to your merchants about it, talk to your friends about it, talk to your customers about it. Spread the word that this is a crime that needs to be dealt with more seriously, and the only way that will happen is if the government is forced to take a closer look.

The loss of a van and tools can severely impact on a tradesperson. Even if they are insured, sourcing replacements, organising van repairs and rebooking appointments means significant time out of work. For those who cannot find affordable insurance, this can lead to the loss of livelihood.
















Please sign and share the petition using #noVANber



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