NIBE Energy Systems launches CIBSE accredited CPD course

NIBE Energy Systems launches CIBSE accredited CPD course

NIBE Energy Systems tells us about its CIBSE accredited Continuing Professional Development Course:

We are delighted to announce an exciting development. Our team of renewable heating experts are now offering a CIBSE accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Course. This comes as part of NIBE Energy Systems’ continued commitment to the UK’s strategy for a green energy transition, and our dedication to supporting the industry.

With the industry on the route to net zero by 2050, we are at the forefront of innovative product development, training, and smart technology. Heating our homes accounts for around a fifth of UK emissions. Therefore, individuals working in the heating industry should be aware of the challenges, opportunities, and technologies associated with the transition. This will drive the industry to contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Open for all who are interested, the CIBSE accredited course is designed to provide key context on the UK’s net zero energy transition, including the policy and regulatory landscape, and the role of heat pumps. The course also includes a deeper dive into some of the principles behind the systems and operations within a heat pump, including the refrigeration cycle and efficiency.
We hope that the course will provide participants with a greater understanding and awareness for decarbonising the way we heat our homes. Our aim is to excite and inspire those who may be newer to the heat pump market about the significant opportunity that exists, whilst also helping specialists to further develop and enhance their existing skills. Those undertaking NIBE’s CPD Course will also be able to use the learning hours to contribute towards their CIBSE learning and development requirements.

Those interested can register for the NIBE CIBSE accredited CPD course for free today by visiting our website.

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