Eau De Sawdust

Eau De Sawdust

Toolstation drops first fragrance collection inspired by trade scents

  • Get a whiff of this – Retailer launches three new fragrances including Sawdust Seduction, Plumbers Paradise and Welding Whisper
  • Toolstation’s fragrances will be available exclusively from Monday 1st April

For the first time ever, a Trade chain has officially launched new fragrances aimed at tradespeople looking to smell scents-sational.Available in three fragrances, Toolstation customers can now enjoy scents of sawdust, plumbing and welding, in a sturdy bottle.

The fragrances named Sawdust Seduction, Plumbers Paradise and Welding Whisper and will be available to order online and in store from www.toolstation.com on Monday 1st April. The product description reads: “Bask in elegant tones of fragrances that transcend time itself. Awaken your soul with notes of sawdust, unveil a captivating journey through the rich scents of plumbing, and ignite the flames of desire with whispers of welding.”

Chris Other, Customer Director at Toolstation says: “You know that when you spray Sawdust Seduction you are getting the best quality at a market leading price that you won’t find anywhere else. We know our trade and DIY customers have such a passion for their work and wanted to introduce fragrances that reflects this”

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