Clay Brick Certified as A1 Non-Combustible

Clay Brick Certified as A1 Non-Combustible

The Brick Development Association (BDA) has lauded a classification report published by Exova Warringtonfire on 23rd August 2018, confirming clay brick’s certification as A1 non-combustible; the best fire classification achievable by construction products.

The BDA’s Technical Manager, Sean Wilkins, comments: ‘Generally, bricks have an exemption from testing and are automatically A1, since, as part of the production process they are heated to in excess of 9000C, to achieve a ceramic bond. However, as part of the industry’s ongoing quality assurance process, we felt it was responsible to complete the test so that we can certify that all bricks are A1 non-combustible.’

The results confirmed that bricks are comfortably within the A1 non-combustible range. An increase in furnace temperature of roughly 30C was observed. The limitation for an A1 declaration is an increase of 300C.

Wilkins continues: ‘It is still important to assess the design of a building to ensure the function of the wall type is appropriatele and will not, as a material, contribute to flammability, ignitability or spread of flame. This means that housebuilders, contractors, engineers, planners and specifiers, can have absolute confidence in the product’s safety credentials.’

To view or download a copy of the report, click here

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