Builders are the most sought-after trades across the UK

Builders are the most sought-after trades across the UK

Builders are the most in demand job within the UK construction and repairs industry, according to new job data.  

There are over 141,000 active vacancies across the top tradespeople roles, with 51,683 builder jobs alone currently being advertised.  

Electricians, plumbers, gas engineers, and flooring contractors are also amongst some of the most in-demand jobs.    

metals4U compiled this data by analysing job vacancies on Indeed, Total Jobs and LinkedIn to find the most in-demand trade roles in the country.  

London had the most builder vacancies with 13,291 followed by Manchester (2,724) and Birmingham (1,909). The top ten cities with the most vacancies are:  

  1. London: 13,921 vacancies 
  2. Manchester: 2,724 vacancies  
  3. Birmingham: 1,909 vacancies  
  4. Bristol: 1,909 vacancies  
  5. Leeds: 1,543 vacancies  
  6. Liverpool: 1,010 vacancies  
  7. Glasgow: 996 vacancies  
  8. Leicester: 928 vacancies  
  9. Edinburgh: 893 vacancies  
  10. Sheffield: 890 vacancies 

Following recent reports, as demand soars, 61,000 new builders will be needed in the UK by 2032, with this research indicating that there is already a considerable skills gap in the country’s trade workforce. 

With demand for roles only looking set to increase, Paul McFadyen, Chairman of metals4U, commented on the impact this will have on the industry:

“Construction, building, and metal materials have been in heavy demand in the UK over the last few years, with increased development in residential and commercial properties. 

“The growing demand for builders and other tradespeople, combined with a shortage of the right qualifications is causing major issues. A recent FMB State of Trade survey revealed that 60% of jobs are stalled due to labour shortages, and this is something expected to continue in the construction industry as more houses need to be built.”   

For more information on metals4U, as well as aluminium, mild and stainless steel and more construction materials, visit   

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