British Construction Industrys’ Beauty Secrets Revealed

British Construction Industrys’ Beauty Secrets Revealed

Every six weeks, nearly 14 million (21%) people in the UK are off to get their haircut at their trusted salon. Men appear to be more regular with their trims — 8,800,000 (27%) visit their barber every month, compared to just 3 million (9%) women, according to a survey of 2,000 Brits.

When investigated by industry sector, Hiscox’s new data revealed some interesting facts about the beauty habits of those in the construction field.

While construction might not always be considered the most glamourous of professions, it’s been revealed that more than a third (35%) of those working in the sector get waxed, while 27% of are hiding a fake tan.

In fact, compared to the averages for the UK population, it seems that when individuals in the construction field get glam, they go all out!

  • 26% of the respondents who worked in the construction sector have had fillers, compared to just 11% of the total population
  • 42% regularly get facials after a tough week of work
  • 80% consider themselves loyal, or very loyal, to their hairdresser or barber

Perhaps that loyalty’s a driving cause in the distance construction workers are willing to travel, with 57% of those we polled happy to travel over 10 miles to their beauty professional of choice. That’s over twice the national average (26%).

And despite fairly moderate spending (54% in the sector pay £25 or less per visit to the hair salon, compared to 64% of the overall population) people in construction rank amongst the top tippers, with 14% of the respondents tipping over the expected 10%.

Of course, fillers and facials aren’t the full story – construction workers also polled as nearly three times as likely to let their mum or dad cut their hair as the rest of the UK.

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