ACO announces ‘House & Garden’ as part of website re-design

ACO announces ‘House & Garden’ as part of website re-design

ACO has launched a new section on its website – House & Garden – which aims to help raise consumer awareness of water management in landscaping projects.

It forms part of the new ACO website, which has been re-designed to maximise user experience. It does this by providing tailored content, depending on the purpose and job role of the visitor. Split into ACO Water Management, ACO Building Drainage, and the newly formed ACO House & Garden, it ensures relevant material for those involved across the full spectrum of drainage applications.

ACO House & Garden will help discussions with end-users, especially on garden design, by providing a space where consumers can view a variety of products that fit into their desired aesthetic. Anyone who uses the website to independently find their preferred drainage system will find all the resources they need for domestic projects, including patios, driveways and building thresholds. They will also be directed to a variety of stockholders across the country who carry ACO products, via the dedicated stockist / merchant locator.

Amongst the features within the House and Garden section is ACO’s visualiser tool, which is useful for seeing how drainage products can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a project. This can help to engage homeowners who may otherwise not consider water management from a visual perspective, while the Garden Designers and Landscapers page offers examples and tips on sustainable garden design.

Oliver Collins, Product Marketing Manager – Building + Landscape at ACO Water Management, commented: “The home renovation boom shows few signs of slowing down, and we are increasingly seeing homeowners take an interest in how water is managed in their garden. This is great to see, and anything that can be done to promote awareness surrounding the importance of drainage in sustainable landscaping should be encouraged. This formed the ethos behind House and Garden, which serves as a hub for landscapers and consumers alike – to see what is possible with the latest water management systems.

“The new website has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, giving users across every application an easy-to-navigate hub for all things drainage. As awareness surrounding the importance of sustainable water management grows, it is vital to support those delivering solutions in projects of all shapes and sizes.”

To view ACO House and Garden, please visit

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