3B Training celebrates National Tradesmen Day

3B Training celebrates National Tradesmen Day

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Today, 15th September, is National Tradesmen Day. As such, 3B Training has released an infographic titled ‘Celebrating a Year of Our Tradesmen’, showcasing the monumental achievements of our tradesmen from laying over 3.6 billion bricks to maintaining 346,455km of water pipes, equivalent to the distance from Earth to the Moon. 

The figures underscore the monumental impact tradespeople have on UK society each year, including:  

  • 346,455km of water pipe maintenance – the same distance from the Earth to the Moon. 
  • 1.7million gas boilers installed – equivalent to the population of Leeds. 
  • 90,000 pylons in the UK holding over 4,300miles of high voltage cables – that’s the distance from London to Florida. 
  • Over 9 million windows fitted – that’s 370 times as many as the Burj Khalifa! 
  • 204,530 new builds completed – akin to all the homes in Manchester. 
  • 76,560 apprentices trained by UK tradesmen across construction, planning, mining, utilities and engineering. 
  • 275,000km of gas mains across the UK – that’s enough to stretch 7 times around the equator! 
  • 30,816km of road works carried out – that’s 1.4 million potholes! 
  • Over 3.6 billion bricks laid- if stacked one on top of each other they would reach further than the sun. 

However, while tradespeople accomplish incredible feats each year, a shadow looms over the industry. Mental health concerns within the trades sector are more prevalent than ever. An alarming 84% of UK tradespeople report experiencing mental health issues stemming from their profession. These range from stress and anxiety to depression, with: 

  • Over 68% facing work-related stress monthly. 
  • Gen Z workers being most vulnerable, with 24% taking time off due to stress. 
  • Self-employed tradespeople are feeling the pressure more, with 10% experiencing symptoms daily.

Factors contributing to these alarming rates include the cost of living crisis, rising material costs, and job security. Tragically, only 17% have sought comfort in discussing their feelings with friends or family. An overwhelming 84% feel uneasy discussing their mental health, with males finding it particularly difficult. 

The solution? Awareness and conversation. While tradespeople are building the nation, employers, colleagues, and loved ones can construct a supportive environment. Frequent check-ins, investing in mental health training, and fostering open dialogue are key steps towards improving mental wellness in the trades industry. 

In an effort to tackle the crisis, 3B Training offers Mental Health First Aid courses, providing delegates with the skills and knowledge to support someone struggling with their mental health.  

For World Mental Health Day on 10 October, 3B is hosting a free 30-minute Zoom talk at 1pm. Managing Director, Mathew Bewley, will be sharing “7 Tips to Promote a Positive Mental Health Culture.” 

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