Why software has never been more important

Why software has never been more important

“Hefty inflation, material and labour shortages, and project delays are placing a huge pressure on building firms. If they drop the ball even for a moment, there’s a chance they’ll lose serious money. Estimating software is vital,” says Joanna Mulgrew, HBXL Building Software’s Managing Director.

EstimatorXpress tracks the latest prices and can work out not just today’s cost but the job start date cost as well – which is almost definitely going to be more. Material schedules are produced automatically so suppliers can be given advanced notice. The clever on-board dashboard provides loads of analysis including a visual overview of profit, cash flow and progress.

Managing a building firm with the help of software is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity, according to Joanna. “Building firms that are still reliant on pen and paper and spreadsheets risk being left behind, or worse still, disappearing. The interest in construction software over the last 12 months has risen significantly, and with good reason,” she explains. “The more profitable businesses today are letting digital solutions do the heavy lifting – from the quoting and project management, through to health and safety and contract writing.”

HBXL’s ‘Go Digital’ campaign is designed to take any fear factor out of software programmes, by making them accessible to smaller 1-5 person building firms.

According to Joanna, IT skills are really not needed for using HBXL’s software. The suite is made up of five end-to-end construction software tools: As well as EstimatorXpress, there’s PlansXpress; Health & Safety Xpert; ContractsXpert and ProjectXpert. Each one has been re-engineered to be even more straightforward for the user. The whole process is ‘step by step’ with visual aids and hints and tips that appear in the window as you go. The project data in the estimate also populates the health and safety, contracts and project management software, saving the user even more time.

As for the design side, their PlansXpress software helps builders draw architect quality buildings plans and models – without the need for qualifications. Less costly than architect services, the software’s impressive graphics are job-winners.

Support and free training

All new users receive an onboarding session, help with their first estimate or CAD drawing, and have the option of eight free hours of live-streamed training to sharpen their new found skills if they feel they need it.

In the first instance builders are being invited to have a short online demonstration. The number of slots has been expanded to meet the demand. Call 0117 916 7898 to book your demonstration or go online to www.hbxl.co.uk/online-demo

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