Webfleet Solutions introduces the PRO 8475 TRUCK

Webfleet Solutions introduces the PRO 8475 TRUCK

Professional Builder stays on course with the Webfleet Solutions PRO 8475 TRUCK.

Whilst recent times have demanded that we keep our distance, digital tools have undoubtedly brought us closer together. The kind of internet connectivity that we are all increasingly taking for granted has proven to be our saviour, and businesses of every size now see the wisdom of engaging with the latest technologies. As your window into the world of Webfleet Solutions’ online fleet management services the PRO 8475 TRUCK is one such device.

This Android 9 tablet is equipped with an easy-to-negotiate menu and access to Google Mobile Services (GMS), as well the Google Play Store, and will also connect with 3rd-party Bluetooth devices. In combination with a Webfleet subscription, business owners can transmit data from the field to the office and vice versa, managing not only their vehicles but their staff. Working time and mileage levels can be recorded, for example, as well as active feedback on driver behaviour. Thanks to a two-way channel of communication, it’s possible to manage jobs and send instructions to employees on the road or onsite, with a text-to-speech function ensuring you’re not distracting anyone whilst at the wheel.

Any electronic device destined for the construction industry needs to be able to stand up to the muck and bullets of a building site, and the 7in. tablet’s rugged design is built to withstand the inevitable abuse. Although naturally reticent of verifying the manufacturer’s claims for its durability with our test unit, it is described as drop-proof, break-resistant, shock-proof, UV-resistant, vibration-proof, dust and water protected.

Beneath the brawn of that robust housing, however, there is a multi-tasking brain at work. The whole SatNav package is, for example, amongst the most sophisticated available. Users can be sure of their ETAs with the latest in TomTom Traffic navigation – with all the latest and most up-to-date maps – whilst TomTom Speed Cameras keep you the right side of the speedometer. We found the Advanced Lane Guidance particularly welcome in providing a clear guide even at complex junctions, whilst 3D navigation provides a comprehensive picture of your environs.

In addition, the integrated camera on the PRO 8475 TRUCK enables image and video recording, and even greater visibilities levels are facilitated with a video input that supports the connection of a rear-view camera. That camera can, of course, be utilised outside of the van. If an operative needs to take a picture of a delivery, a piece of plant, or any other element of a building project, for instance, these can be quickly documented by the user.

The tablet is equipped with wireless connectivity with an internal LTE modem that supports fast download speeds, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC/RFID, and is complemented by an array of mounting accessories. Regardless of how many vehicles and workers you have in the field, the PRO 8475 Truck, in combination with Webfleet Solutions’ fleet management services, offers the reassurance of enhanced visibility of your business operations. Add to that a full suite of TomTom navigation tools and you have a powerful ally in improving the productivity of your business.

For further information on the Webfleet Solutions PRO 8475 visit https://www.webfleet.com/en_gb/webfleet/products/pro/8475/

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