VELUX talks the benefits of its 2in1 roof window

VELUX talks the benefits of its 2in1 roof window

Where there’s space for one for window, there’s often space for two.

Create brighter, more uplifting spaces with the VELUX 2in1 roof window.

The VELUX 2in1 roof window offers an enhanced sense of space, increased daylight and panoramic views. The roof window comes in solar-powered, centre-pivot and top-hung operations, providing flexibility in functionality. What’s more, it’s available in a range of sizes, allowing your customers to choose the dimensions that best suit their space.

The solar 2in1 roof window can be controlled from anywhere thanks to VELUX Intelligent Home Control. Homeowners can choose between VELUX App Control and VELUX ACTIVE.

One easy installation – two times the results

The 2in1 roof window has one frame and two sashes, and the same simple installation process but with fewer components to make achieving bigger and better results easy.

The straightforward installation of the 2in1 roof window can save you valuable time, making it easier to take on more projects. What’s more, all that’s needed is a single installation package and the roof window to carry out the installation, so ordering is effortless.

A range to suit every home


Transform a room with the 2in1 top-hung roof window for a balcony-like feeling and twice as much daylight. The top-hung roof window can be opened to 45° offering an uninterrupted view of the outside.

● Solar-powered

The 2in1 solar roof window offers the additional advantage of remote control with the benefits of more daylight. It’s single frame design and solar-powered motor ensures a straightforward installation, and no additional wiring is needed. The automatic rain sensor closes the roof window when it rains and the battery charges even on a cloudy day.

● Centre-pivot

The 2in1 centre-pivot roof window combines a single, openable sash with one fixed sash to enhance daylight and offer a spectacular view. Its slim profile increases the amount of daylight that enters the room.

● Symmetrical and asymmetrical designs

Some rooms might lend themselves better to the symmetrical design, while others might benefit more from the asymmetrical. Having both options ensures that every project can be tailored to meet the exact dimensions of each space.

A closer look: features of the VELUX 2in1 roof window

● One frame, two sashes, the removable sash allows for an even faster and easier installation.

● Extra-slim profiles maximise the amount of daylight entering the space.

● Smart control for convenience and automatic rain detection.

● Clean white painted finish which matches perfectly with modern interiors.

● Full control of light levels, as it’s compatible with a range of blinds and shutters.

● Exterior heat protection thanks to anti-heat products.

VELUX Academy training and VELUX Reward members

Want to learn more about 2in1 roof window training? Visit the VELUX Academy website. There, you will be able to book both physical and online training sessions.

If you do choose to work with 2in1 roof windows, you can get double VELUX rewards with every VELUX 2in1 roof window purchase with a VELUX Rewards account.

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