TVL Security on how to upgrade your van’s security

TVL Security on how to upgrade your van’s security

The TVL Security message is simple – honest tradespeople should never have to go work worried that their tools, van or even themselves could be placed in danger

The business deploys multiple approaches to protect builders. For instance, via Tell TVL – a online community-driven crime prevention initiative – victims of van crime are encouraged to log information regarding attacks on their vehicles and equipment, with this data then used to help the police pinpoint crime hotspots and trends. The community effort has highlighted several interesting findings, such as that 50% of reported incidents took place in broad daylight in busy public places, while the most frequent method of break-ins is via the side load door.

“That sort of information was practically impossible to collect quickly before Tell TVL,” says Laura Moran, TVL Group’s Managing Director. “It just goes to show the power of collaboration. Thieves are always sharing information on easy targets and entry methods. If we’re to eradicate van and tool theft, it is critical we combine our efforts too and get the important safety messages – such as how simply marking your tools with an easily readable set of initials, company name, or similar – can help deter theft.”

It is TVL Security’s product portfolio that is its bread and butter, however. It covers all elements of the vehicle, typically targeting the weak points that thieves usually look to exploit. While many operators – sole traders, in particular – may not feel able to justify the cost of installing additional security products on their vehicles, not doing so can place their livelihood at risk.

Offering multiple layers of protection, ArmourShell features an external, semi-automatic lock which leverages anti-drill inserts and a hardened steel locking bolt to seal the van’s doors with a bullet cylinder. This design prevents even the most tenacious thieves from deploying power tools for a quick ‘smash and grab’ job.

A glance at the product’s unique external shell though would likely prove enough of a deterrent, however. TVL Security deploys a unique, angled body that easily deflects direct hammer blows, while the inter-locking rear body and 45-degree body chamfer prevent the shells from being forced apart.

“Though the ArmourShell’s internals do a fantastic job of keeping thieves at bay, its overall design is a real statement in itself,” says Moran. “Most thieves would quickly come to the conclusion that attempting to enter the vehicle by damaging the unit would not be worth the time nor effort.”

A broad portfolio

The company’s CATPRO catalytic convertor protector also makes use of visual deterrence. While it includes high-security anti-tamper fixings and an 11mm Boron Alloy securing chain as last lines of defence should a thief try their luck, its bright lime green casing means most potential criminals will know at just a glance that any vehicle fitted with this solution is again more hassle than it is worth.

The same logic applies to the PedalBox, which can be installed and secured around the vehicle’s pedals. Made from high-grade steel and anti-drill manganese plates, TVL Security finishes this solution in a durable bright yellow powder coat, guaranteeing it can be spotted in practically any light level through the vehicle’s window.

TVL Security’s broad portfolio continues. LatchShield, ProtektaPlate and ProPlate do what they say on the tin – adding stainless steel shields and plates to specific vulnerable areas around the vehicle such as door locks to prevent thieves using screwdrivers, drills or anything else to tamper with the internal mechanisms. Meanwhile, SlamHandle, RepLock, DeadLock and HookLock complement the OEM’s standard lock fittings, each providing additional strength to keep thieves out of the van.

In addition, the UK’s first smart van locks come with remote monitoring capabilities to allow vehicle owners and fleet managers to instantly see whether their assets have been properly secured. The HookLock 2.0 and ArmourShell 2.0 units are also paired with a leading vehicle tracking system and an accompanying app, which provides not just access to real-time data, but historical data too.

The Anti-Cut Shielding panels are inspired by the use of aramid fibres in other products – such as bulletproof vests and cash-in-transit security vans – these lightweight panels can be installed internally in areas around vehicle locks or the van’s roof. If a thief attempts to penetrate the vehicle’s exterior using a power tool, they’ll quickly find themselves tied in knots.

The products have also been given police backing via Secured By Design’s Police Preferred Specification accreditation scheme. Having undergone a rigorous testing and auditing process, this means that TVL Security’s portfolio can be officially recommended by police forces across the UK. The vehicle security systems specialist has also secured an official partnership with Ford, through which products are now available as factory-fitted options across the Transit range. As a result, several solutions can be installed even before a customer’s vehicle arrives in the UK.


Most recently, the ‘Protect+’ range, builds on its existing Protect portfolio, with the revised solutions benefiting from more features and additional protection. “Our Protect+ customers now receive a high-security dimple key to help crack down on illegitimate key copying, ‘floating’ anti-drill pins installed within the lock’s cylinder to stop lock picking, and anti-drill plates too,” says Moran. “That offers a comprehensive security package that will stop even the most brazen criminals in their tracks.”

An official partnership with Ford means many TVL Security products are available as factory-fitted options

Moran’s message though closes on community spirit. While she is hugely proud TVL Security’s robust range of products and partners, she firmly believes that communication can provide just as valuable protection for tradespeople.

“In our experience – and in the experience of our community members – Tell TVL can, in many ways, provide as strong a defence against thieves as anything made of steel,” she concludes. “The Tell TVL members we already have on the platform can be kept fully up to speed on how crime and attack trends are changing far quicker than ever before. If they combine that knowledge with a thorough security specification, any would-be thief will be left thoroughly disappointed.”

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