Three reasons why builders should be blogging

Three reasons why builders should be blogging

Watts Roofing Supplies shares three reasons why builders should be blogging.

Blogging has created a pathway for many to build their businesses and brands. We believe that tradespeople can use it too, for the same purpose – growing their audience and generating leads. According to Hubspot, a provider of social media and marketing tools,  90 per cent of the leads they generate monthly come from blog posts published in previous months and years. This type of growth in visitors to your website is why you must consider blogging as an option to grow your business.

Establish authority

Writing a regular blog can and will increase your professional image – don’t feel under pressure to blog every week, the most important thing is consistency. Having a blog that gives tips and thoughts on how your industry is doing can develop your authority in your specific industry. In some ways, your blog is a space to become trusted by potential customers and businesses.

Show progress

While social media might be primarily known as a place for showcasing your work and upcoming projects, we believe that blogs can be perfect for that too. Unlike social media, blogs can include unlimited photos and videos within one post. Having this range of tools to choose from gives you the freedom to be as creative as you want with how your present your blog. In the end, a blog post is only as good as its presentation.

Develop a community

Another bonus of blogging is the community which it can create. Enabling comments and sharing your blog posts via social media will help you do this. While a typical website might seem like a portfolio for your work; in fact, your blog can be a mini social media network for your customers and fellow tradespeople.

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