Quick tips on choosing a new supplier

Quick tips on choosing a new supplier

Quickslide’s advice on what to look for when sourcing a new supplier.

Nobody likes change. And that’s especially true of builders who have been using the same window and door supplier for years. Sticking with the same supplier is often not because they are the best, but more out of habit. But perhaps now is the time to ditch the window and door supplier that you know, in your heart of hearts, has been letting you down one way or another for years. So what should you look out for when choosing a new supplier?


You won’t be alone if you still scribble down your order and fax it in. In fact, if you are still a bit of a technophobe and not ready for online ordering just yet, check out companies that will check through your orders to make sure you haven’t left anything out. Getting it right first time will save you time and enable you to look slick with your customers. And right where it really counts – on site!


Get your windows and doors delivered to wherever you want them, whenever you want them, and for free! Most decent suppliers offer this.

How much does a supplier care?

Check and see if they have personal account managers to look after you and your orders. Or are you just another punter on the phone?

One-stop shop

Buying from more than one supplier? Save time and money by buying everything from the same company.

The extras that make all the difference

Look beyond the usual… what about colours and finishes, new products, arch tops and round windows, and extra-secure hardware? These are all things that can separate you from your competitors and add margin. And don’t forget security: Secured By Design approval and security upgrades will make the difference with homeowner customers that will have done their research. And make sure you have a full set of brochures and support material too!

Proper back up

With the better suppliers you can also expect service and technical engineers to provide back up when you have a problem; and no one can ignore the rules and regs… does the supplier have the full set of accreditations and Secured By Design, as well as CE marking for example?

The truth is that in today’s highly competitive market, you really can expect all of this – and much much more!

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