The best accessories in the range at a glance: New Expert line from Bosch for professionals

The best accessories in the range at a glance: New Expert line from Bosch for professionals

Understand advantages, increase productivity.

  • Covers all major trades and the most demanding applications
  • Key technologies from Bosch make Expert accessories superior
  • Innovative tile drill bits and reciprocating saw blades are opening new application areas

Bosch makes it easy for tradespeople to choose the suitable accessory by dividing the complete product range into the Bosch Expert (Blue), Bosch Pro (Gray/Blue) and Bosch (White) lines in future. The aim is to provide users with clear guidance across all online and offline channels and contact points. They will know right from the start, what the respective accessories from Bosch can do and how much craftsmen can influence and increase their productivity through the accessories they have chosen. “The best your tool can get” – which is then exactly what the first new line in the range stands for, the high-performance class Bosch Expert in Blue. The Bosch Pro and Bosch lines will follow successively.

In future, professional users will be able to directly read on the packaging the advantages and the key technologies which make the Expert accessories from Bosch so efficient. These advantages include, for example, a material removal rate that is up to four times faster when using metal grinding discs with Prisma technology, or up to 100 times longer service life offered by cutting wheels with diamond technology or PVD-coated reciprocating saw blades with carbide technology, compared to the market standard. The Bosch Expert line is unique: it covers the most demanding applications across all major trades. Its accessories are used whenever conventional accessories reach their limits, and they make certain applications possible in the first place. These accessories include the new “Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” tile drill bits for construction trade, the “Expert Thick Tough Metal” reciprocating saw blades for metal and demolition trades and the “Expert Hardwood fast” jigsaw blades for the woodworking trade.

“Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” tile drill bits with carbide technology

The “Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” was developed specially for drilling in hard tiles, primarily porcelain stoneware. Other applications include drilling in roof tiles, natural stone tiles and untempered glass. The “Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” has a lifetime that is up to 10 times longer than current carbide-tipped tile drill bits on the market. Furthermore, it offers faster drilling progress. This is based on special production know-how and the unique design of the tile drill bit: The carbide tip is asymmetric, thereby forming teeth that work through the hard material more efficiently than flat cutting edges. The active centering tip reliably prevents only friction and heat from being generated instead of drilling progress.

It also allows a precise drilling start without slipping on the tile. The integrated open stock between the steel body and carbide cutting edges ensures stable drilling progress over the entire lifetime. The result: Much easier and more precise drilling with a longer lifetime of the product. The hex shank of the “Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” also offers advantages. On the one hand, it ensures that 100 percent of the machine’s power is transferred to the drill bit. On the other hand, it increases the degree of flexibility in the choice of the tool: The “Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” tile drill bit can not only be used in conventional drills, but also in impact drivers. The range comprises 8 sizes with a diameter from 3 to 12 mm and covers all common applications.

“Expert Thick Tough Metal” reciprocating saw blade with carbide technology

The “Expert Thick Tough Metal” reciprocating saw blades from Bosch allow professional users to work in areas, which are not covered by conventional bi-metal saw blades. These areas include, for example, cutting of cast iron pipes or processing of high-strength and high-alloy steels in car dismantling, ship dismantling and plant deconstruction. The “Expert Thick Tough Metal” reciprocating saw blades are highly durable thanks to carbide technology. Each of the individually welded carbide teeth is initially PVD-coated (Physical Vapour Deposition), which makes them even harder and more wear resistant. The reciprocating saw blades therefore last up to 100 times longer than conventional bi-metal blades – without coating it would be up to 50 times longer. High-quality band material with a thickness of 1.25 mm and a height of 25 mm make the blade both stable and flexible. Since only the foremost tooth tips are made of carbide, the saw blade remains flexible and withstands bending and torsional forces, which are typical for demolition applications. The reciprocating saw blades cover the lengths 100, 150, 225 and 300 mm and thus all current applications.

In the new Expert line Bosch offers over 1,000 products which are far superior to standard accessories and are available right now. They also include the new “Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” tile drill bits and the “Expert Thick Tough Metal” reciprocating saw blades.

Tile drill bits “Expert HEX-9 HardCeramic” Recommended retail price including VAT
Available in the diameters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm,
length 90 mm each
From € 13.64 to € 27.51
Different 3-piece and 5-piece sets From € 49.52 to € 72.52


Reciprocating saw blades “Expert Thick Tough Metal” Recommended retail price including VAT
Available in lengths of 100, 150, 225
and 300 mm
From € 17.44 to € 46.29
Different 3-piece and 10-piece sets From € 71.55 to € 370.44


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