The all-new Ford Transit Courier

The all-new Ford Transit Courier

With a whole range of options – and new technologies – the Ford Transit Courier really does deliver.

Compact yet capable, the manufacturer promises that the Ford Transit Courier is a van that punches well above its weight. In fact, the vehicle has been completely reinvented, with even more options. There’s a choice of powertrains, for example, with a 100kW all electric, a 1-litre EcoBoost petrol, and 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel on offer. Whatever the variant, it’s larger than its predecessor, fully connected and integrated with the Ford Pro platform.

If you want an indication of just how serious the Detroit motor giant is about battery powered solutions then consider that its global investment in the technology now tops $50 billion. What that eye watering sum delivers is the broadest possible range and – amongst the EV commercial vehicles line-up – the smallest member is the E-Transit Courier.

So, whether conventional internal combustion engine or electric, just what can prospective owners expect? Most importantly for construction users the Transit Courier is now bigger in every dimension, with overall length increasing by 180mm to over 1.8m, opening it up as an option to a wider range of tradespeople.

Not only that the Transit Courier is designed to provide enhanced load carrying ability. Total load volume is increased by 25 per cent. Smart design of the rear suspension has increased the width between the wheel arches to over 1.2m, allowing a Euro pallet to fit sideways and two pallets can now be carried rather than just one.

Convenient loadspace features include an optional load through bulkhead for items over 2.6m, factory fitted mid height cargo rails can be specified, as well as load floor covers, and there’s bright LED lighting. E-Transit Courier offers a payload capacity of a competitive 700kg – an increase of 118kg versus the previous diesel model. Added to that is a 44litre frunk where charging cables and smaller tools can be stored.

The petrol and diesel Transit Courier models offer a standard payload of up to 678kg, and a High Payload option that increases maximum gross payload to 845kg. When towing there’s a maximum trailer weight of 1,100kg for diesel and 1,000kg for petrol models.

The interior has been designed as a productive space that enables working on the move, whether that’s through mobile device connection or storage for tablets or paperwork. At the heart of the E-Transit Courier driver experience is a 12in. touchscreen and digital cluster. Moreover, the centre console features a flexible and adaptable design which means it can be configured according to user requirements, and there’s a fold-away flat surface large enough for a laptop or A4 pad.

Electric avenue

The all-electric is powered by 100kW electric motor producing 136PS and 290Nm of torque. Ford is anticipating that the E-Transit Courier will be popular with van users who charge at home. With 11kW AC charge capability, this means a 10 – 100 per cent charge takes 5.7 hours and customers can set their charge windows to take advantage of cheaper overnight energy. With 100kW DC fast charge 54 miles of range can be added in just 10minutes, whilst 10 to 80 per cent charging takes 35 minutes.

One of the most attractive propositions of an electric vehicle is total cost of ownership and the E-Transit Courier does not disappoint. It is anticipated that non-scheduled maintenance costs for the all-electric will, for instance, be 35 per cent lower than the diesel variant.

Connectivity is achieved with a built-in modem. Through it van operators can access the Ford Pro ecosystem and enjoy on-going wireless software updates. Charging information can be viewed via a mobile device, and there’s Apple CarPlay compatibility. Furthermore, subscription-based Connected Navigation offers updates on traffic, parking, charging and local hazards. When it comes to safety the list of features supplied as standard is comprehensive, including Rear Collision Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. At the same time a wide range of additional technologies, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, can be specified.

A key priority for the professional tradesperson is vehicle security. With a van parked up outside a job for much of the day, builders are particularly susceptible to the opportunist thief, but the Transit Courier does provide enhanced levels of protection. Ford customers can receive break in alerts to their phone in the event of an attack, for example. The vehicle can be remotely disabled, and sensors will detect movement inside the van.

Not only that, Ford has partnered with vehicle security experts TVL to provide four additional lock packs as factory-fitted options. These include an anti-pick lock for the driver’s door, handles that automatically lock the sliding side door and rear cargo doors when closed. There’s separate hook locks on side and rear doors to help prevent “peel and steal” thefts and ArmourShell hardened exterior locks on the sliding side door and rear cargo door.

Connected services

Ford Pro is about much more than just security, however, offering connected services across charging, service, and finance. Small business owners who have little experience of electric vehicles need reassurance, and that’s where Ford Pro comes in, with functionality that includes a connected home charging wall box that can schedule charging at the cheapest and most convenient times. Similarly, the vehicle battery benefits from Scheduled Pre-conditioning, ensuring the battery is at an optimum operating temperature and will achieve maximum driving range. Ford customers will also benefit from 1 year of access to the Blue Oval Charging Network which is set to include 500,000 public charging points by 2024.

For more information on the Ford Courier visit All-New Ford Transit Courier and E-Transit Courier | Ford UK.

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