Tech Talk: cold cut machines

Tech Talk: cold cut machines

In the latest part of our Tech Talk series, Charles Shaw, hire and construction division manager at Makita, explains how the company’s new range of mains and cordless metal cold cut cutting tools are making a real difference.

Thankfully, health and safety practices across the UK construction industry have greatly improved in the past decade. New regulations ensure that those in the trade can work more safely to minimalise risk of accidents. One of the topics in focus at this time is the requirement for hot works permits when working on materials which can cause sparks or create heat when processed. The permit-to-work system makes jobs safer but limits how reactive tradespeople can be when tasks crop up on-site.

Heat is produced in a variety of construction activities. However, it’s most common when using an abrasive metal cutting saw or angle grinder. As a result, a hot work permit is required for most brazing, grinding, torch cutting, soldering and welding tasks. We wanted to offer tradespeople an alternative, which would improve safety. To this end, we met with experts, consultants, as well as working tradespeople to best understand the issues and find a viable solution. This extensive study helped our research and development teams when developing the new range of cold cut machines.

Cold cutting tools allow tradespeople to work as before, but without the need for a hot work permit, improving efficiencies, productivity and safety with less restrictions. What’s more, as the blades don’t produce sparks or heat, tradespeople can work safely and aren’t necessitated to only cutting materials in controlled areas. All in all, Makita’s cold cut systems, which includes, rebar cutters, threaded rod cutters and saws, are an effective proposition, against current practices. As a result, tools from the range have been widely embraced and are already being extensively used across construction sites.

The innovative system has been embraced and adopted on various projects throughout the UK. The project teams responsible for the safety of the workforce, and for delivering the projects, have long been frustrated at the risks exposed on sites by the use of abrasive wheel products when cutting metal, and have invested in this new system whilst noting improvements in safety and productivity. From mains to battery powered tools, the Makita range has set a benchmark in Cold Cut processors and includes over 20 products in total. Included in this collection is the Makita cordless DSC102ZJ Threaded Rod Cutter, DSC191Z Rebar Cutter, DSC251ZK Rod Cutter as well as the LC1230 (305mm) mains TCT Cut-Off Saw; the DCS553ZJ (150mm) TCT and the DCS550Z or DCS553ZJ (136mm) TCT 18V LXT Brushless Lithium-Ion cordless metal saws.

Irrespective of the sector or size of operation, these new innovative products can offer improvement in safety and commercial benefit your business.

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