Schlüter Systems: Moisture Management in Bathrooms

Schlüter Systems: Moisture Management in Bathrooms

Schlüter explains how to prevent damage from poor moisture management in bathrooms and wetrooms.

The most important consideration for bathrooms and wetrooms is waterproofing. Bathrooms are exposed to significant levels of moisture and poor moisture management can cause leaks leading to damage in the surrounding structure, and the potential for mould growth.

Systems that don’t evacuate water efficiently can be problematic, so it’s important to opt for waterproof and not just water-resistant materials.

The important thing about the Schlüter-Wetroom system is that its products have been designed and manufactured to complement each other and take care of installation issues, resulting in a reliable watertight finish which is CE marked and guaranteed to last for years to come.

kdIncorporating the very latest innovations for floor-level access showers and wetrooms, the company provides a fully integrated product suite, including ready-to-tile, pre-sloped shower trays, drainage systems and waterproofing membranes for walls and floors that are quick and easy to install.

Get Kitted Out

Now available in off-the-shelf System Solution Kits, you can get a waterproofing kit for floors and a kit for walls, both containing the essential items for a complete waterproofing system.

Heating Under Tile and Stone

Under wall or underfloor heating, as a source of heat, can be an extremely beneficial method of ensuring effective moisture management, preventing mould and fungus by drying out any residual moisture, and in addition providing comfort.

Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E electric underfloor and under wall heating system is quick to install and the uncoupling mat was designed with unique studs to allow the tile adhesive to mechanically lock into the dovetails.

The cables fit directly between the uniform studs without the need for glue, tapes, marking, self-levellers and primers – therefore reducing the likelihood of mistakes, saving time and money.

The system can be used in kitchens, wetrooms, bathrooms, en-suites and shower rooms and now has the option to include the new DITRA-HEAT-TB mat.

This new mat has a whopping 70 per cent quicker response time on concrete due to its unique integrated thermal break. The thermal break is a special 2mm anchoring fleece laminated on the underside of the mat which reduces heat loss into the screed and subfloor.

DITRA-HEAT-E can also be tiled immediately so no waiting time!

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