Review: 1T-2 HT JCB site dumper

Review: 1T-2 HT JCB site dumper

The muck-carrying workhorse of the building site is getting an upgrade in the shape of the 1T-2 HT, the most compact machine in the JCB site dumper portfolio. Dan Gilkes explains all.

 As a class of machinery the site dumper has been under significant scrutiny, with changes aplenty up and down the weight ranges. JCB has been at the forefront of some of those innovations, addressing issues of visibility, and operator comfort with it Hi-Viz models, for instance, but there have equally been improvements throughout the range.

As a result the Staffordshire manufacturer has also updated its smallest site dumper, with the launch of the 1T-2 HT, the first of the company’s second-generation dash-2 models. The 1-tonne high-tip machine comes with a Stage V/Tier 4 Final compliant diesel engine and adopts the two-pin articulation joint and all-steel construction of its larger stablemates. It also benefits from the latest safety improvements, including JCB’s seat belt logic, that prevents the dumper being used unless the lap belt is fastened with the operator in the seat.

For a 1-tonne machine, compact dimensions are a vital part of the design and at just 980mm wide on narrow tyres, the 1T-2 HT certainly meets that criteria. Even on the standard tyre, the machine is just 1,106mm wide, making it easy to thread through confined site entrances and doorways. That said, the dumper feels very stable when travelling on rough ground, even with a full skip.

The 1T-2 HT is powered by a naturally-aspirated Perkins diesel engine, delivering 21.6hp (16.1kW). This engine meets the forthcoming EU Stage V emissions regulation without any requirement for exhaust aftertreatment or a diesel particulate filter. Hydrostatic drive, powering four individual Poclain Twin Lock wheel motors, ensures maximum traction and ease of use, while hydrodynamic braking uses the rear wheel motors to stop the machine as you lift off the throttle. A standard emergency parking brake makes this one of the safest compact site dumpers on the market.

High-tip design

As the HT in the name suggests, the 1T-2 is a high-tip design, which can tilt the skip at ground level or as it is lifted to a maximum load-over height of 2,392mm. That is easily enough to load into a standard site skip, for easy site clearance. It offers a heaped capacity of 554 litres, making it a useful proposition on a landscaping or housebuilding project.

Though only weighing in at 1,515kg, the compact dumper can handle a full 1-tonne payload, even in high tip operation. However, that low operating weight makes it possible to tow the dumper behind a 3.5-tonne van or 4×4 pick-up, making it easy for a contractor to move it between sites. As with all of JCB’s site dumper models, the 1T-2 benefits from an all-steel construction, giving it the strength to stand up to regular site or rental use.

A folding ROPS frame is standard, along with a reversing alarm and a high-visibility lap belt. JCB’s sequenced drive inhibit system means that the operator has to be sitting in the seat, with the lap belt fastened, before the dumper will move. The machine also sounds a movement alarm as forward or reverse gears are selected to warn other operatives on site.

Options include JCB’s LiveLink telematic system, that can be used to provide location and operational data. Customers can also specify road lights, rear view mirrors and high visibility paint for the steps and handrails.

The entire seat base can be raised to provide access to the engine for daily checks and service work, while the articulation joint now uses the same robust two-pin configuration that can be found on JCB’s larger 3-tonne models, boosting longevity and reducing the risk of wear.

Compact site dumpers remain a popular choice for a variety of jobsites, providing a perfect match for a mini excavator or a smaller backhoe loader. The second generation 1T-2 HT maintains JCB’s position in the sector, while meeting upcoming emissions regulations. With easy to use hydrostatic drive and high lift capabilities, the 1T-2 HT should appeal to contractors.

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