Protect yourself, your customers and your business

Protect yourself, your customers and your business

Stuart Nicholson from Marley shares advice on taking the right steps to protect yourself, your customers, and your business.

As we continue to emerge from a time of significant challenge and uncertainty that many have never seen before, how can you take control on site and over the growth and success of your business?

Site Safety

Of course, safety relating to COVID-19 is crucial on site, so social distancing and regular hand washing for 20 seconds are a must, but as many builders and roofers are on site during the summer, it is also important not to neglect sun safety. Here are some simple sun safety precautions to follow on site:

  • Keep a shirt or jacket on and opt for tightly woven fabrics which help to form a barrier to the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Do not leave exposed skin unprotected. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 25 and remember to reapply regularly. Make sure you also use an SPF lip balm.
  • Always wear a hard hat, preferably with a brim and flap that will cover the ears and the back of the neck.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Check your skin regularly for unusual spots and moles, or changes to them.


As homeowners have spent such a lot of time at home recently, many of them will have been considering how they want to improve their homes. As a result, a number of homeowners will be open to the prospect of an extension, especially with the relaxation of the planning laws. With this in mind, it might be a good opportunity to make sure your website, social media channels and any other marketing communications you use are fully up to date. Ensure there are some examples of recent projects you have done, which may help to drive business growth from homeowners who are seeing their homes in a new light.


Taking control of your reputation and what potential customers hear about you depends so much on the products you use, as well as the quality of your workmanship, and customer service. At a time when some homeowners may be cautious with their spending, it is crucial they feel reassured by what you are offering. By specifying a complete roof system, such as Marley’s, not only do you have the reassurance that all the component parts have been tested to work together, and are of the highest quality, but you can also offer customers the reassurance of a 15 year guarantee.


Being as efficient as possible on site is also a key element of feeling in control. One way to enhance efficiencies further is by looking at the way you work with suppliers. For example, sourcing a complete roof system from one manufacturer means you only have one party to deal with, helping to save time.


From technical tools to online apps and live chats, it is worth taking advantage of the services and support offered by manufacturers. Not only will it support builders and roofers on the job, but for quieter times, it can help build-up additional knowledge for future business growth.

As we all emerge into the ‘new normal’ where we still may not be able to influence many elements of life, there is an opportunity for builders and roofers to take small actions to not only take control, but to help protect themselves, their customers and ultimately, their business over the short and longer-term.

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