Professional Builder reviews the PUMA Safety Conquest High Safety Boots

Professional Builder reviews the PUMA Safety Conquest High Safety Boots

Professional Builder steps out in style in the latest PUMA Safety footwear.

Here at PB we’re certainly no strangers to reviewing workwear and PPE on site but a recent experience was one of those rare occasions when a tradesman remarked that he “really likes those boots!”. That admiring digger driver was not wrong, of course. These PUMA Safety Conquest High Safety Boots in black are very imposing pieces of footwear. Indeed, that Conquest moniker is certainly apt because they look like they’re engineered to withstand a war zone – and the appeal is far from skin deep.

It goes without saying that comfort is king, and when you introduce these boots to your feet the warm hug of an inner lining is a satisfying first impression. In addition, that lining benefits from a breathable COA Tex® membrane that stops water from getting in but at the same time rather cleverly will let sweat and moisture out.

There’s further relief for your overworked feet from a fibreglass reinforced composite toecap that helps lighten the weight – whilst providing all the protection you’ll need – with the added bonus of thermal insulating properties. Continuing that theme, FAP® (Flexible Anti Penetration) technology protects the feet from penetrating objects. Unlike many brands – which make use of metallic anti-penetration technology – the PUMA solution is metal-free. It is, therefore, lightweight more flexible than a metal one and has better heat and cold insulating properties.

We found that the extra high shaft up the ankle provides plenty of support, whilst there’s also a pleasing level of flexibility when you’re kneeling or moving up and down a ladder. If you are brought to your knees by work on a regular basis, then the likes of floor layers will welcome the extra high scuff cap at the front of the boot. It’s a feature that will increase their useful life and keep them looking better for longer.

For those who have previously owned boots of longer than average dimensions they might be put off by what can often be the mission of getting them off an on. Here, the zipper on the side makes that task almost as straightforward as removing a pair of slippers, whilst a dust flap behind the zipper prevents the ingress of dirt or dust – and you’ll never feel the zip on your ankle. There’s also a Velcro flap that provides further support and protection to that zip.

For the uninitiated a ‘last’ is the device that is used in shoe design. Here it has been developed for enhanced comfort with a deliberately wider construction at the small toes and the balls of the feet. As you’d expect they’re waterproof, with a 300ºC heat resistant rubber outsole that’s equipped with a heavy-duty pattern, which is both slip resistant and mud releasing.

Overall, this is safety footwear that exhibits an impressive blend of strength, comfort and functional features and you can bet your boots that there will be many builders who will find the same.

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