New flat roofing solutions by Stormking

New flat roofing solutions by Stormking

Already well known for its GRP products, Stormking is supplying the flat roofing market with not one but two new solutions.

Since 1985 Stormking has pioneered off-site fabrication processes to produce GRP components for construction projects across the UK. Thanks to the ever-evolving demand for its solutions, the company has developed a wide product portfolio, which reflects the needs of builders working across domestic projects. As a result, the product range extends from chimney stacks and bay window roofs, to dormer roofs and door canopies.

It is that experience that has enabled the manufacturer to produce two new flat roofing systems: StormDeck-GRP flat roofing and StormDeck-PU flat roofing. Two roofing solutions which, the company claims, hit the mark on cost, ease-of-installation and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of jobs, particularly domestic repairs and maintenance. These latest solutions seal an important gap in the existing product range and provide a new offering in both the new-build and refurb domestic flat-roofing sector.

StormDeck-GRP flat roofing is a high-performance, liquid-applied flat roofing system designed to provide a durable watertight seal on roofs, walkways and balconies. A built-up system, it comprises of GRP chopped strand mat, fire-retardant polyester resin, curing catalyst and polymer topcoat. Offering a solution for where aesthetic is important and for foot trafficked areas, it is tough, robust and offers long-term performance. It also comes with a range of accessories, including trims, coloured minerals, application rollers, cleaners and consumables.

Presenting a modern-take on flat roof, cold-applied liquid systems, StormDeck-PU provides a fast and effective solution. A one coat system which cures incredibly quickly, it can be installed even when the British weather looks set to turn. Simple to apply straight to the prepared deck, it offers a faster alternative to traditional GRP system and is ideal for projects where speed of installation is essential.

GRP versus PU

GRP and PU liquid applied roofing systems have many similarities, but they also offer unique qualities. GRP might be preferential to PU, as GRP can be produced in a range of colours and finishes, and utilising different colour minerals, which make it perfect for projects that require a visually attractive roof design. On the other hand, PU would perhaps be better suited to projects where time is of the essence, or there is complicated detailing work to be completed.

However, being a single coat system, PU is much faster to install when compared to GRP which, being a built-up system, is more complex and demanding to install. Furthermore, GRP takes longer to cure and requires zero moisture in the air, whereas PU cures very quickly and can be installed in damp weather – ideal for projects which need to be completed swiftly.

When it comes to selecting either PU or GRP, it essentially depends on the individual requirements of the project. On domestic projects ease-of-installation is essential, but so is cost. Stormking understands these are the factors that will inevitably determine which solution is better suited. It is why the company has created two flat roof waterproofing solutions, in order to give customers the choice and freedom to select a system that works for them.

Giving the customer more choices

“Having previously worked with the flat roof market for over 10 years, we identified an opportunity to enter with more than a single proposition. We wanted to offer customers a choice,” commented Kevin Bohea, Stormking’s Managing Director. “We believe that customers need choice when making any successful decision, which is why we have launched two new systems that reflect the needs of any roofing project and client. Built-up GRP systems are well-established and our system will offer contractors with a cost-effective alternative, without compromising installation and performance. PU is still relatively new to the market and offers many advantages, especially speed of installation and fast curing, making it ideal for time-sensitive projects. We are confident that these two systems are ideal, offering a reliable, cost-effective solution for flat roof requirements and we hope to have given customers the best of both worlds when it comes to selection.”

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