Marley talks the benefits of a full roof system

Marley talks the benefits of a full roof system

In the fifth entry in our Marley series, Daniel Redfern, Marketing Manager at Marley explains why contractors should be opting for a full roof system approach.

Now in full effect, Part L of the Building Regulations is not only driving the nation’s journey towards the development of energy efficient, low carbon dwellings, but also forcing an industry-wide push towards greater sustainability, clarity and transparency when it comes to the origins and environmental credentials of the products that are used.

Daniel said: ‘For professional roofing contractors, navigating their way through the additional layers of legislation that are now required, along with the essential and growing importance placed upon environmental responsibility, the use of a single trusted full roof system supplier – with the capability to deliver on every level from product and service to transparency and traceability – can provide real benefits for the roofer, including streamlined ordering, product compatibility, product traceability through the supply chain and a meaningful warranty.

Single manufacturer

‘Marley is the only manufacturer to provide a genuinely complete full roof system. Ordering all roof products from a single manufacturer has real benefits for the roofing contractor. It removes the worry of mix & matching products, hoping that they will fit together and remain watertight. Marley’s roof products are designed to work together seamlessly, preventing this issue. In addition, when utilizing a complete system from one source only, manufacturer’s technical support can be on hand to provide guidance on all aspects of the roof installation.

Seamless integration

‘Designed to work together seamlessly, the Marley fully integrated roof system includes JB Red battens, underlay, clay or concrete tiles, fixings, accessories, fire barriers plus the hugely in-demand integrated Marley SolarTile and provides a tried, tested and trusted solution. With each individual roofing component proven and evaluated, the system helps to make the roofer’s life on site much easier than ever before.

‘A full roof system, designed and installed correctly, will be fully compliant with current building regulations, including fire safety and eradicates the risk of product substitution that can compromise roof performance over the long term.

15-year warranty

Once installed, Marley’s full roof system – including Marley SolarTile – comes with a comprehensive 15-year warranty.

Daniel said, ‘Once again, a full system approach gives roofing contractors and their customers real peace of mind. If there is an issue, it can be resolved swiftly with one point of contact, saving roofers’ valuable time and resource. Our 15-year warranty is a demonstration of the company’s confidence in its integrated roof solution but also is an indication of its pledge to operate as a responsible and transparent roof systems manufacturer.

Further support

‘Marley offers complete technical support for roofers, both before they get on the roof, with fixing specifications and estimates, as well as once on the roof, with comprehensive fixing guides, tutorials and training. In addition, we offer an expert team of technical advisors on hand over the phone, for queries that need immediate attention on site.

‘For those roofing contractors moving into the growing area of solar PV, Marley’s on-site training, available with their first installation, provides a real benefit helping to ensure that roofers have full confidence when in installing our Marley SolarTile integrated panels.


‘Marley’s comprehensive full roof system makes life easier for roofing contractors. From ordering and on-site delivery right through to installation, everything is streamlined. With full product traceability plus a comprehensive 15-year warranty, the full roof system is a great choice for roofing contractors.’

For advice and further details on Marley’s full roof system, visit The Marley Roof System: Quick and simple for installers.

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