Marley Eternit’s Guide to Roofing: Full Roof Systems

Marley Eternit’s Guide to Roofing: Full Roof Systems

Alex Gill, Roof Systems Communications Manager at Marley Eternit, explains some of the benefits of using a full roof system.

When it comes to non-specification domestic pitched roofing work, most builders and roofers tend to buy the elements separately, often using a mixture of products from different manufacturers.

Yet, now with a more stringent British Standard, roof fixing and workmanship are coming under greater scrutiny.

This means there is much greater incentive to use a full pitched roof system from a single source – not least because of the lengthy guarantees they can offer.

While pitched roof systems have been available for a number of years, generally speaking they have all offered the same number of roofing products.

However, some of the latest versions are far more comprehensive and include more critical roofing elements.

For instance, it is now possible to buy a full roof system from Marley Eternit that includes:

• Battens – fully pre-graded, NHBC approved, BS 5534 compliant roofing battens

• Universal Underlays – easy to fit, fully taped vapour-permeable or non-breathable underlay systems. Zones 1-5 compatible and BS 5534 compliant

• Roof covering – a wide range of clay and concrete roof tiles and fibre cement slates

• Dry fix, ventilation and fixings – mechanical fixing kits, as well as fast mortar-free, dry fix and ventilation systems

• Support – bespoke fixing specifications, a single contact for technical advice, as well as free easy-to-use apps and online tools

Getting all roofing materials from a single source obviously has advantages as it ensures all the products are highly compatible because they have been designed and tested to work seamlessly together.

Not only does this make the roof much quicker and easier to fit but it also gives you reassurance about the long-term performance.

It also has significant benefit when it comes to reducing your installation liability.

The increasing focus on roof security and quality of workmanship means there is a chance that, in the future, it could become a legal requirement to ensure work is compliant with the British Standard.

Using a single source roof system helps you to reduce risk and protect your reputation because all products will not only meet BS 5534, but will also have been tested to the highest standards.

Yet, without a doubt, for most people the most attractive thing about using this type of roof system is the associated warranty.

For example, if you buy a Marley Eternit roof system, we can provide a 15 year guarantee for the property, as long as it is fitted and fixed to our recommendations.

This is an impressive benefit to be able to pass onto your customers and can help boost your business.

This is particularly useful at a time when homeowners are becoming far savvier about roof work and more likely to look for quality guarantees and evidence of compliance with industry standards.

Getting the 15 year system warranty is easy. First of all, you need to make us aware that you intend to obtain a system guarantee and we will help you through the process to obtain a full National Building Specification (NBS) and fixing specification for your project.

This can be sourced via our Technical Service or using our online self-service tools.

Once this is done, you need to buy and install a complete Marley Eternit roof system, which includes battens, underlay, roof covering (tiles or slates), fittings, fixings and accessories. Once notified of completion, we will then issue the guarantee for the property.

While it may be tempting to buy a variety of roofing products from different suppliers to try and keep costs down, they may not necessarily be designed and tested to work together in the same way as a single-source system.

Although it may not always be the cheapest option, the benefits of using a single source roof system, particularly the associated warranty, can deliver far more value in the long term.

Marley Eternit’s Roofing Sitework Guide app gives more information about roof systems and how to install them to BS 5534 requirements.

You can download the app for free from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon.


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