Latest trends and developments in bathroom refurbs

Latest trends and developments in bathroom refurbs

Chloe Wesenlund, Channel Marketing Manager for Trade, looks at some of the latest developments in bathroom refurbs.

Full bathroom refurbishments can be a large-scale expense, so customers want the confidence that they are investing wisely. When faced with so many brands, product designs and finishes, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed. And this is where builders can add real value; taking the lead to suggest products that not only look great together for the wow factor, but also take into consideration the customer’s functionality objectives. 

Function and longevity 

Clients need an individual approach to suit their requirements. For example, the bathroom design and functionality need of a family home will differ sharply from those desired by a couple living in a modern apartment. Whilst elderly or vulnerable clients will have ease, reliability, and safety-first expectations as key priorities for their bathroom solutions.

The bathroom market offers an extensive choice of mixers, basins and other common bathroom components. But, for clients, when it comes to making their final choice, they could remain concerned about products manufactured by different companies working well together. An effective way to create client confidence is for builders to emphasise the way manufacturers present both complementary function and longevity objectives when it comes to bathroom product combinations.  

The ExcellentFit service from hansgrohe, for instance, helps to provides the answers to such reservations, enabling building contractors to assure clients that combinations of mixers and wash basins have been investigated and assessed against a number of points The service is based on ComfortZone testsundertaken by Hansgrohe’s experts at the company’s Technical Service Centre. The team tests multiple potential mixer and ceramic combinations to assess their functionality and projected whole life performance and publish recommendations.  

This avoids those fitting the products having to undertake the time-consuming work of drawing up their own comparisons and allows them to suggest combinations of wash basin and mixer to clients within just a few minutes and with the full knowledge that they will work together, the mixer spout will reach the chosen basin properly and won’t splash the user due to the water being dispensed from the incorrect angle.   

To ensure the service is as helpful as possible to builders, the testing process also includes ceramic solutions created by other manufacturers alongside hansgrohe’s own ranges. This provides a comprehensive and holistic overview and a supporting tool for builders to inform client conversations and decision making.  

One size does not fit all

Alongside the confidence of knowing that potential bathroom product combinations have been carefully scrutinised, builders need to marry this knowledge with informed guidance for their clients when it comes to delivering a solution that meets individual needs.  

Across bathroom refurbishment projects, builders can be faced with different scenarios for which their expertise, guidance and recommendations must pivot accordingly. 

For example, a bathroom used by multi generations, including youngsters must strike the balance between functionality, safety, and style. Here, practical considerations such as installing a thermostatic shower control is essential to avoid unwanted temperature changes to the water. Also, thinking about solutions that offer varied shower spray patterns can also enhance the experience for all ages. While consideration given to the specification of energy saving products can help busy home environments optimise water and energy use 

Equally, where multiple generations need to be factored in, builders can advocate products that provide comprehensive water flow control. A forceful water jet may not be suitable for the elderly so products should be proposed to deliver a more relaxing shower jet as opposed to a more invigorating experience. Specified products should allow the user to alter the intensity of the water and even the droplet formation can be an extra selling point that not only looks great but does not add any additional hassle to the project install.  

Compact bathroom footprints also present unique challenges when it comes to creating a style-led vision and functionality success. The key is not to overpower the limited space but work smartly with the available area, so the balance of style, function and practicality is maintained. Keeping the overall design sleek and opting for all rounded edges on units will deliver an appropriate aesthetic but also provide practical benefits when space to move around is tight 

Meeting regulations 

Contracting builders should always be mindful of regulatory compliance when suggested solutions and ensure that all their recommendations meet the prevailing industry standards to deliver peace of mind for clients. Specifying product solutions that comply with industry standards such as WRAS, KIWA and NSF are important when looking at creating bathroom visions that guarantee long-term performance, assured function, and safety. 

Inspirational Information  

Finally, builders should ensure they are up-to-speed and have access to the product information, design suggestions and price points they need to commence informed and inspirational conversations with clients. Such resources are key to transforming a vision into a high performing reality to create bathrooms with a wow factor.  

The Bathroom Concepts brochure, Bathroom Concepts 2024 from hansgrohe helps bring to life how the overall finished project will look, and, provide several alternatives when it comes to combinations of showers, mixers and accessories that work together across the room. Saving time when recommending products for projects, it also provides quick access to pricing information so accurate quotations can be compiled quickly and easily.  

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