Latest developments in sealants and adhesives from CT1

Latest developments in sealants and adhesives from CT1

Professional Builder explores the latest developments in sealants and adhesives from CT1.

As the first manufacturer to introduce and coin the term hybrid polymer, when CT1 was introduced to the market more than 18 years ago, the sealants and adhesives landscape changed dramatically. Today, the same company is making similar advances with its Tribrid® technology.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond
It’s fair to say that if you were previously looking for a liquid product to bond and replace mechanical fixings there would be no suggestion available. Thanks to CT1’s Tribrid technology, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond eliminates fixings with an instant grab on large vertical bonding, and significantly reduces labour and costs in the process. Originally created for facades and heavy stonework, the versatility and power of this chemical fixing means it has since been widely adopted by shop and kitchen fitters, as well as on outside stonework, façades, quoins, landscaping and all-round building work. Amongst its many applications plasterers are now increasingly using it to bond beads, for example. Where these have traditionally been nailed in, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond will do the job.

Three times stronger than regular hybrid polymers, Tribrid also has much longer colour retention. A gripe that tradespeople often had with many hybrids is that the white would discolour over time, and the clear would often turn yellow. After considerable research and development that’s a problem that’s now been solved.

Conventional methods of adhesion have relied on a two-component epoxy mix. Not only was this temperamental in achieving the right mix but, depending on the weight of the slab, each one then might then need to be supported by drilling in ties. As well as all that, full cure could be anything between 24 and 42 hours. As a one component product for heavy duty vertical bonding, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond does not have any of these disadvantages. Utilising a heavy-duty caulking gun, the user can apply the product straight from the cartridge, wait four to five minutes and then fix directly onto the wall. There is no need for additional fixings and, together with rapid curing, this will reduce labour time by up to 50 per cent.

The solution is solvent free, with high initial grab and structural bond. It can be applied to concrete, most stones (without staining), ceramics, marble, wood, MDF, polystyrene, fibreglass, gypsum board, metals, lead, glass, mirror, plastics (except for PP, PE and PTFE). It is tested by a UKAS accredited lab to BS EN 12003 – shear test and BE EN 1308 – slip resistance.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond from CT1 is Made in Britain with British technology and British design. For further information got to

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