Knauf: using ready-mixed jointing compounds

Knauf: using ready-mixed jointing compounds

Knauf explores the advantages of using ready-mixed jointing compounds.

Ready-mixed jointing is well suited to meeting the demands of modern methods of working. Used for finishing joints in drywall partitions and ceilings as well as bedding tapes, ready-mixed jointing compounds can provide a fast-track solution.

Drylining walls, by taping and jointing tapered edge plasterboard enables walls to be lined without applying a plaster finish. Using plasterboard with slightly tapered edges means the joint tape can be covered with jointing compound and left flush with the main surface of the plasterboard. A light sanding of the compound should leave a smooth surface ready for decorating.

Taping and jointing can be faster than plastering, and less messy. It is also a job that can be done around other tradespeople on site, whereas plastering usually requires an empty workspace.

There are different types of jointing compound available including powdered jointing and ready-mixed jointing. Ready-mixed jointing compound has many benefits, one of the biggest is the time it saves. With no mixing to do, the product is ready to use straight from the bucket, usually requiring just a couple of minutes stirring to loosen the material. Less effort – and physical strain – is required and the reduced preparation time means being able to get on with the job quicker.

The lack of mixing also means there is reduced dust. This makes for a much cleaner site and a cleanup process that is easier and less time-costly, as well as creating a safer working environment.

Using ready-mixed jointing also eliminates the need for a water supply on site. Access to water is not always easy, particularly on a new build site where often there isn’t a water supply readily available. As the product does not need to be mixed with water, this reduces the need for standpipes in high rise buildings or where water is difficult to transport around site. This not only reduces costs, but reducing water usage is also an important aspect of working more sustainably which companies are increasingly demanding.

A further benefit is less waste. Any unused ready-mixed jointing material can be placed back in the bucket and resealed ready to be taken to the next job. Once empty, the plastic pails can usually also be recycled.

Ready-mixed jointing is quick and easy to apply. Sanding after application is also a seamless job as ready-mixed compounds harden much faster than traditional plasters. Furthermore, they provide a smooth and consistent finish.

The Knauf Ready-mixed Jointing range has an extensive choice of products. With the longest shelf life on the market, they are ideal for the majority of application and performance requirements.

It is worth noting too that the benefits of using the manufacturer’s Ready-mixed Jointing products extend beyond shelf life and ease of use. The company also offers a full system performance warranty when all the products used in a system are Knauf (eg. jointing material, boards, fixings and finishes). A fully warrantied system gives both the contractor and their client peace of mind.

Ready-mixed jointing compounds allow professionals to achieve a high-quality finish in less time, allowing them to move on to the next job quicker and save money by doing so.

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