Isuzu’s tipper truck alternative

Isuzu’s tipper truck alternative

It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that anyone of a certain age who has spent their entire working life in the building industry will know only too well what it’s like to wake up with a stiff back. Hours upon hours of shovelling aggregates from the back of a flatbed only to then have to move it all again closer to the job is just one of the routine daily tasks bound to take its toll. In recent years, of course, the emphasis has become almost exclusively focused on bagged deliveries from the merchant, but this is a naturally more expensive process than buying loose, and is not always guaranteed to arrive exactly when and where it is needed on site. The obvious answer is to invest in your own tipper truck, but traditionally this has meant a hefty investment in one of the big brand larger commercial vehicles and then forking out for a not in significant conversion package.

Launched earlier this year, Isuzu believes it may have the perfect solution in the initially, it has to be said, somewhat surprising shape of its D max pick up tipper, based on the Utility Extended cab. Converted to feature a Tipperdeck load bed measuring 1.977mm long by 1,800mm wide, the floor is constructed using robust 18mm thick interlocking lightweight alloy panels and features 300mm high sideboards and tailboard.

This tailboard opens to 180 degrees and features a two way hinge assembly – meaning it can be opened from both the top and the bottom – and rubber buffer stops to protect the body. The spring latches on the sideboards are recessed to avoid catching on objects and the corner posts are removable to provide a flat platform for easy loading and unloading.

The electro-hydraulic powder pack that lifts the body is activated in the familiar big truck manner using a wander lead control, whilst the dual tone alarm activates at the same time. The tipping gear and sub frame have all been reassuringly fully galvanised to protect from the elements and, once raised, there’s an integral body prop and hose burst safety valve to stop the body from failing unexpectedly. The conversion also uses powder-coated tubular gantry infilled with a protection panel to shield the cab which inside is pretty much the same basic spec as described for the standard Utility version with the opportunity for the usual upgrades in connectivity etc.

The extended cab with pull down seats for two passengers and internally accessed rear doors is okay for short journeys but, at the end of the day, this is a vehicle all about getting materials quickly and efficiently to site, some of which may be difficult to access for larger vehicles. Payload is around 1,000kg, with a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes, and will be available through the Isuzu dealer network benefiting from the same aftersales support, including five-year mile warranty and five years road assistance.

With a four-week lead time and coming in at around £4,000 pounds, Isuzu are confident that they will very soon be preaching to the converted!


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