Isuzu: Feel the Chill

Isuzu: Feel the Chill

Professional Builder gets behind the wheel of a vehicle which “picks up” where others leave off.

Isuzu may have caught its competitors cold in more ways than one with the launch of what is being promoted as the most extreme pick up ever sold through a UK franchised dealer network.

This extraordinary new take on a standard D-Max is the result of a partnership with Arctic Trucks, leading exponent of vehicles designed and built specifically to overcome the unforgiving terrain of northern Scandinavia and Russia.

The company couldn’t quite recreate those conditions on a humid day in Bedfordshire, but the iconic Millbrook proving ground was a pretty handy substitute for a test drive as we were exposed to parts of the course usually only reserved for the most adventurous or downright foolhardy.

In fact, given half a chance it seemed our specially adapted D-Max would have even relished the opportunity to take on the notorious one in one hill descent, a scary proposition tackled in extremely rare circumstance and only then with emergency services in close proximity at all times.

With giant 35in. wheels, lofty 290mm ground clearance and rut-busting approach, ramp and departure angles, the AT35 offers off-road capabilities that have never before been available in a vehicle with its own dealer support.

The AT35 pick-up will be available from 36 Isuzu dealers nationwide, whose staff have been specially trained and equipped to act as authorised sales and service representatives for the Arctic Trucks range.

The vehicle is expected to appeal to farmers, other rural workers, those in the construction industry and, of course, thrill seekers – although clearly Isuzu is not expecting vast sales of the vehicle in the UK, where really exacting terrain is confined to just a few areas of the country.

What it does do, however, is showcase perfectly the feats which can be achieved by a vehicle with what is, on balance, fairly modest adaptations.

The AT35 is available in two body configurations. The extended-cab (from £30,999) features rear-opening side access panels, a fold-down rear bench seat, and a braked towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes.

The double-cab (from £33,499) offers a comfortable, refined interior for five adults, and adds climate control and full leather upholstery, and is available with a manual or automatic transmission.

As with all Isuzu D-Max pick-ups, the AT35 offers the peace of mind of a 125,000-mile/five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

William Brown, General Manager at Isuzu UK, commented: “The Isuzu D-Max has been a runaway success since its launch four years ago, thanks to its comfortable and refined interior, class-leading load-lugging capabilities achieved via a powerful 2.5 litre twin turbo charged diesel engine, low running costs and comprehensive warranty.

“The Arctic Trucks AT35 retains those strong D-Max attributes, and adds totally unprecedented off road credentials and brutally hard core looks.”

In addition to the high levels of standard equipment, a comprehensive accessories list allows customers to spec their AT35 according to their unique requirements, with each unit being built to order.

You don’t have to actually own an AT35 to experience its remarkable off road capabilities. Artic Trucks run a series of adventure holidays in Iceland where the stunning terrain is enjoyed up close and personal.

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