Impress your clients with Build Aviator

Impress your clients with Build Aviator

Using an estimating service such as Build Aviator can allow you to provide your prospective customers with the most comprehensive and effective quote possible.

Build Aviator can help you to wow your client and differentiate yourself from the competition. The service provides you with a selection of bespoke documents for you and your client, including product summaries, bills of quantities and pricing sheets. These documents are created by ex-trade experts who all have experience in the construction industry and understand just how important having accurate costs and meeting deadlines are.

They work with you and use your company rates, markups and margins to assure your price is right and your quote is personalised. Your company logo can also be added to all your documents. 

Build Aviator provides you with accurate and detailed pricing, which make sure you stand out from the competition. The documents prepared use Saint Gobain’s live price profile so you know that the prices and materials included are the most up to date. You will receive a work and payment schedule which ensures you and your project are organised. These documents allow you to pre-plan where, when and who will be on site which enables you to plan and organise yourself and your project.

In addition to this, you will also receive a written client quotation which breaks the project down simply and clearly into different sections. This quote is written in plain English, so it’s easy for your client to understand, and doesn’t exclude any key or important information. 


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